Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Tuesday

Meow-Me : This feels soooooo good
Meow-Me : Ahhhhhhhhh
Meow-Me : You know how good it feels? It's floor licking good!
Meow-Me : There's still lots of me to brush, Daddy!
Meow-Me : Tell you what, I'll clean your sandals while you brush
Meow-Me : Yep, yep, don't forget my tail!
Meow-Me : I'm so happy, I could drool!
Daddy : You DID drool, Meow-Me. Look at your drool all over my toes and sandals!
Meow-Me : Aren't you honored?
Meow-Me : Thank you, Daddy. You did a great job!
As you can see, Meow-Me LOVES the Kong Zoom Groom!  :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Whisky Wednesday

Whisky : Hawooo. Who might you be?
Mini-Me : I'm your Mini-Me!
Even Mini-Me's can't escape the customary butt sniff!
Whisky : But you don't even smell like me!
Mini-Me : You have to take me with you
Whisky : No!
Mini-Me : But I bring good things
Whisky : Something suddenly smells really good...
Mini-Me : I told ya!
Whisky : But...but where is that enticing aroma coming from?
Mini-Me : Heehee
Whisky : Are you messing with me?
Mini-Me : Heeheehee
Whisky : Daddy, Mini-Me is making fun of me!
Daddy : No she isn't. You just got to look harder
Whisky : Is Mini-Me like Famous Amos? *Free Smells* only?
Whisky : It isn't nice of you to play tricks on me, Mini-Me
Mini-Me : But I'm not. It's right under your nose!
Daddy : * T H E R E *
Whisky : OH!
Whisky : Why didn't you say so earlier!
Mini-Me : But I did tell you it was right under your nose! Now, can we be friends?
Whisky : Only if you keep those treats coming my way!
We would also like to take this opportunity to wish Marg a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Much xoxoxo from her Godchild, Tutu!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : Hey. Who's in MY box?
Tutu : I better get down low so mystery cat doesn't know I'm here
Uh, Cosmo? I think your ears kinda gave you away
Cosmo : Shhhhhh!
Tutu : Heehee
Tutu : Peek-a-BOO!
Cosmo : Drat
Cosmo : STOP that!
Cosmo : Or I'll BOP YOU right back!
Tutu : Oh oh, Cosmo's got long limbs!
Tutu : ♪♫ Cosmo's too FAT to fit in my box ♪♫
Cosmo : FAT? Look who's talking
Tutu : I'm NOT FAT!! I'm pure muscle!
Cosmo : Well, *FAT* girl, I doubt you'll fit in the box but you can have it!
Well Tutu? Aren't you going to claim the box now that Cosmo's gone downstairs?
Tutu : Nah, I don't like hanging out in boxes. I just didn't want him in there. Heh heh

Did you miss us as much as we missed you while we were on a blogging break? Mommy is still dealing with lots of stuff at the moment, but she's going to find the time to help us blog. We may be late in visiting and commenting but we'll get there! See you guys soon!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Taking A Blogging Break and Please Pray for MH370

Dear Friends,

We will be taking a blogging break. Don't worry, we are all fine.  :)

Mommy would like for you to please pray for the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that left Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 2014 (local time) for Beijing but never made it there. We are coming close to the end of the 3rd day since her disappearance and the plane, her crew and passengers (totalling 239 persons) remain missing.

While we do not know anyone on the flight, our hearts break for the crew, passengers, their families and friends. Thank you for your prayers.

You can get updates on the International Search and Rescue efforts here :- 

Comments are off.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Stretchy Monday

Cosmo : Class on "How To Dedded The Peacock Feather" commences now
Make sure you pay close attention, okay little furblings?
Cosmo : Remember to stretch out real long and use your paws to grab the peacock feather. Are you ready to try now? Tutu?
Cosmo : Here comes the peacock feather. Get ready, Tutu
Tutu : Ooopss
Cosmo : Stretch, Tutu, STRETCH!
Cosmo : *facepaw*
S T R E T C H upwards towards the feather, Tutu!
Cosmo : Look, you can do it this way too, just remember to stretch out your paws..in the RIGHT direction! 
Cosmo : See?
Tutu : *mumbles* He thinks he's so great. Hasn't he seen me with Sockasaurus?
Tutu : I will play the way I want to play. I don't need you to tell me what to do
Cosmo : BRAT
Tutu : I'm going to SHOOT the peacock feather with my pawgun. HAH!
Cosmo : *shakes head*
Tutu : I'll use my magical powers to cast an invisible shield around me to keep the peacock feather from getting close
Cosmo : Well, at least Boomer's got the right idea
Boomer : I'm stretching as much as I can!
Boomer : THERE! Got it!
Tutu : Look, Cosmo! I caught it too!
Cosmo : THIS is what having caught the feather looks like. BOTH paws!
Boomer : Hey Cosmo! A full stretch, straight up, BOTH paws. How's that?
Cosmo : You've got to catch the feather between your paws, silly. Not worship it!
Ling : Come here, peacock feather...
Ling : This is just too much hard work...