Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, TUTU!

Tutu : Look what Mommy brought home! She says it's my birthday present. But what's so nice about water I can't play with?
Tutu : Oooooohhhhh!
Tutu : Hello little do you like your new home?
Tutu : I love Fish TV!
Tutu : *HIGH FIVE* right back at ya!
Tutu : What are you staring at, Gourami Fishie? Never seen such a pretty kitty before?
Boomer : Whoa! Check out those round yellow ones! *licks lips*
Boomer : Dang it. My snack is protected by a forcefield!
Cosmo : It's going to take a while before they make a worthy snack. Can we give them more food, Mommy?
Ling : I choose THAT one!
Tutu : What? I've to share my presents? That's so wrong!
We're sorry for having been gone for so long. Mommy found it too hard to blog after Whisky's passing. Tutu was also grieving for Whisky which caused her to gain quite a bit of weight and she lost her desire to play and interest in things around her. She also stopped eating treats she used to share with Whisky. It took a while before Mommy realized the cause of Tutu's inactivity but once she did, she spent a lot of time helping Tutu recover and she's now back to her usual playful self though she still won't eat treats (still working on this!). She's also lost the weight she gained with the increased activity and a change in diet.

Then Mommy's maternal Grandmother left for the skies on November 17, 2014. On December 3, 2014, our tortoise sister, Dino, left for the bridge. January 6, 2015 saw Mommy's paternal Grandfather leave for the skies too. It's been a very challenging year and we are purraying for a better year ahead.

We are going to focus on the good things to come, starting with Tutu's 3rd Birthday today and we hope you will join us in celebrating her special day!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tipsy Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : The Cat On My Head had a competition where pawticipants had to match each paw to their rightful owner and we won! Our prize package arrived today and it smelt furry nice! THANK YOU!
Tutu : Check out our prize! We were really happy with the Primo Kitties Blue Homegrown Catnip! And Mommy loves the tote bag and scarf!
Cosmo : I suddenly feel this urge to just stretch across this little bag....
Tutu : Do you think I don't know what you're up to!? Paws off MY nip!
Tutu : You know what, Cosmo? I think if you dipped your tail into the nip, it would make a furry fun toy
Tutu : NO, Cosmo, I INHALE. You can sit a little further back and watch me have fun
Tutu : *scoots around* in the nip
Have you seen a happier nipped out kitty?
Tutu : Huh?
Tutu : Why is there nip on Cosmo's butt?
Tutu : Didn't I say you could watch but not play in MY nip!?
Tutu : Oh, Lyle. Please don't move. My head is spinning....

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy Very Belated Gotcha Day, Boomer and Happy Gotcha Day, Cosmo and Ling

: Flashback to April 2011 :
Whisky : Look what I found, Mommy! Can we keep him?
Boomer's 3rd Gotcha Day was on April 28, 2014 but that was when Whisky was very ill before she earned her wings a week later. No one was in the mood to celebrate so Boomer agreed to a postponement. He did go over to Katie's home
 for dinner prepared by Katie's Mom  :)
Boomer : Mommy made this long sausage like pillow filled with silvervine powder just for ME!
Cosmo : Ahem. For US, Boomer, US
Cosmo : Speaking of which, it's MY turn now
Boomer : ?????
Boomer : OH NO you don't! It's MINE!
Ling : Jeez. Is he at it again?
Cosmo : Yup. Being an absolute brat about our pillow
Ling : Shall we make our move then?
Boomer : ♪♫ It's my GOTCHA DAY celebration todayyyyyyyyyyyy! ♪♫
Boomer : OH oh...The twins are making their move
:: P O U N C E ::
Boomer : *SHOCKED*
Boomer : Mommy! Aren't you going to call FOUL? Unbelievable!
Cosmo : MINE, now
Cosmo : This pillow is just purrfect
Ling : Silly boys! Why must they insist on playing with the same thing when there so many options available?
Ling : Well, at least I get to enjoy the silvervine powder Mommy sprinkled here in peace while the boys *fight* over that pillow
Happy 6th Gotcha Day, Cosmo and Ling! You are the ones who convinced Daddy that cats make excellent additions to the family.  :)  We can't believe it's been 6 years since that day Whisky and Mommy found you in the drain.

And a Happy Very Belated 3rd Gotcha Day, Boomer! Convincing Daddy a 6th cat was needed to make the family *complete* (then) was tricky but you did it! So so glad Whisky found you in our garden 3 years ago. :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trouble Thursday

Felix : What's your problem?
* sniff sniff sniff *
Tutu : YOU are quite obviously the problem
Tutu : Don't come near or I'll scream!
Tutu : I'm watching you, Felix!
Felix : And I'm watching YOU too, Tutu!
Boomer : Hey you two, will you cut it out? Leave the little girl alone and sit with me, Felix
Tutu : * G L A R E *
Felix : You asked for it!
Boomer : HURRY, Meow-Me! Those two are at it again!
Meow-Me : You grab Tutu and I'll grab my son!
This scenario plays out EVERY TIME Felix and Tutu meet (even when Tutu was a baby). The situation have escalated into screaming matches but thankfully, nothing serious because I am always around to supervise when they meet.

Meow-Me, Coco and Felix live in a separate area from Cosmo, Ling, Boomer and Tutu but we do organize supervised play dates, to try to foster a better relationship between them.