Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tasty Tuesday...Or Not

Cosmo : What's this?
It's a raw diet. Aren't you excited? 
Cosmo : says THAT BLOODY DIET. Is that supposed to be good?
Boomer : Did someone say BLOODY DIET?
Boomer : Mmmmm....That's Bloody Good!
Ling : Yup, this is Bloody Nice!
Cosmo?? Aren't you going to give that a try?
Tutu?? What's wrong?
Felix : * sniff sniff lick sniff sniff *
Coco : can have all of that, Felix
Felix : I think MOMMY should have all of it!
Meow-Me : Sorry, but I have to.....:: RETCH ::
Cosmo : Are you done playing games, Mommy? Is that my canned food dinner?
Yes it is, come and get it!
:: GAG ::
But it has your favorite Freeze Dried Chicken sprinkled all over!
Cosmo : YOU can have it
Freeze Dried Chicken for you, Tutu?
Tutu : I'm OUTTA HERE!
I had recently transitioned all the cats (except for Tutu - sadly, she's become a kibble addict) to canned. Due to stomach sensitivity, I only get carrageenan-free, grain-free and fish-free canned food for them. Unfortunately that means only THREE options are available, and to make things even more unfortunate, 2 weeks after transitioning the cats, I find out that the one they all agree on will no longer be brought into the country. So I turn to Option 2 and guess what? They have not been able to bring in the food in the last 6 months due to new documentations required by our Veterinary Department. Option 3 isn't something the cats like.

As my intention was to actually get them to eat raw ultimately, I thought this would be a good time to give raw a try. This raw diet is made locally so sourcing shouldn't be a problem. But 2 out of 7 means it's back to the drawing board. Plus after eating the raw on the first day, Ling and Boomer decided that raw isn't something they like after all. Which is a pity because this is good raw food!

Looks like I have no choice but to revert to cooking for the cats again while I try a much slower process of getting them to accept raw. Cosmo will be my biggest challenge because the other 6 will at least eat pieces of plain raw chicken.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Toy Tuesday

Wanna guess what this is? A torture basin, you say? That's pretty close! It was actually our toy box. Mommy added those nasty plastic spikes to the bottom after SomeCat poo'd in it (yup, with our toys in it!). Then Mommy felt bad because she would see us walk on the edge of the basin to try to fish out our toys so she removed the spikes. Then SomeCat came back and this time, PEE'd in it!
Guess we should say Thank You to SomeCat because now we have this pawsome Toy Rack!
Meow-Me : Rude Mommy says my tummy is as round as Pooh's. Well, POO to Mommy!
Felix : All our toys are arranged according to type which makes selection easy
Coco : Good choice, Felix! I haven't seen this feather in a long time!
Meow-Me : We stay in a separate area from Cosmo, Ling, Boomer and Tutu because Coco behaves like a semi-feral and Felix doesn't get along with Tutu. Me? I'm a sweetheart but that brat of a Tutu keeps growling at me. We're much happier in our own place (our room connects to the Catio - we get access to the Catio in the daytime and the Brats get it at night and early morning). We have the same things the Brats have (love, treats, toys...) but Mommy has a tough time taking our pictures because we tend to sit at Mommy's feet when she comes to our room
Ling : This is OUR playroom! See our own Toy Rack?
Ling : I suppose we won't get a Toy Rack upgrade since it's pretty much impossible for SomeCat to do a poo or pee in the basins now
Boomer : I heard it's the FIFA World Cup now so I know exactly what I want!
Boomer wins the coin toss and off he goes!
Boomer looks to be off to a good start then PRRREEPPPP! The referee's whistle goes off!
Oh noes! It looks like Cosmo has to be stretcher off after Boomer dived in front of him
Boomer reacts after being given the yellow card!
Cosmo's replacement, Tutu is in and she starts off slow...
And Boomer takes the opportunity to swipe the ball from her
There was a mild confusion as Tutu faced TWO crinkleballs...
but gets her bearings quickly and she's off!
Tutu has mad dribbling skills and rushes past Boomer
Tutu continues to charge towards the goal while Boomer looks on helplessly
And G O A L L L L L L L !!!!
Tutu : 1
Boomer : 0
The crowd goes wild and the cheers are deafening! Tutu can't help but puff up with pride!
And Boomer can only watch in dismay as Tutu does her victory dance

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : OMC! What is this thing!? Is it here to eat Mommy?
Tutu : Don't worry, Mommy! I'll protect you!
I . KEEL . YOU!!!!!
* cue music *
♪♫ Little Tutu was KUNG-FU fighting 
♪♫ Those kicks were fast as lightning ♪♫
♪♫ In fact, it was a little bit frightening ♪♫
♪♫ But she fought with expert timing ♪♫
Song : Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
Tutu : Why are you giggling, Mommy?
Tutu : Whhaaaaaatttt? How did you get in there?
Tutu : THAT'S MY cave, you evil weird creature. Get out!
Tutu : OUT!!!
:: S T R E T C H H H H H H H ::
Tutu : Will you quit hanging out at MY spots!?
Tutu : I am going to SKIN YOU ALIVE!!
* sniff sniff *
Tutu : 'scuse me? Helloo?
Tutu : Helllloo?? Did I really skin you alive? I think I did. I really did! Look, Mommy! I did it!
Mommy : You sure did, Tutu! Well done!
 ** P R O U D **
Tutu = 1
Frozen Water Bottle = 0
The weather here has been terribly hot (in excess of 100F), humid and now the haze is back. So I decided to freeze some water in a water bottle for Tutu to lay against. Well, Tutu being Tutu, had other plans for the frozen bottle.  :)