Monday, July 26, 2010


Recently, Whisky's acupuncturist noticed that her left eye seem a little red and suggested we had her checked for glaucoma even though Whisky was otherwise her usual self. Our private vet suggested bringing Whisky to UPM as they had the tonometer to check the IOP (intraocular pressure).

Here she is waiting for her turn at UPM.

Whisky's IOP was a little on the high side, especially on the left eye. Dr Nor, the vet at UPM started her on eye drops to control the pressure. We went back for a check up 2 days later and Whisky was responding very well to the drops (IOP was at the lower end of the normal range)!

Dr Nor now wants to wean her off the drops over the next month to see if the pressure remains in check. If it does, we can stop the drops and monitor Whisky's eyes at home and also regular check ups at the vet.

Glaucoma is very painful and can cause blindness. You can read more about it here : Glaucoma Information

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Au and Target said...

Poor girl! But she seems happy enough.