Friday, October 8, 2010

Magic Ball!

One of Whisky's favourite toy is a ball where we put treats in and she bats the ball around to get them to drop out.  She's quite an expert at it too!

I'm READY, Mummy!

Grrr Grrr Grrrrrrr!!!!.....I said I'm READY!  HURRY UP!
(Mummy : see how demanding she gets!  But all the snorting and teeth baring is for show only....)

Heh heh......Roll roll roll we go!


Hannah and Lucy said...

That Ball looks a lot of fun - especially when the treats fall out. If you give the ball a smack on the wall do they drop out then too?

Admiral Hestorb said...

mommy bought one for me but I would not use it. I do that to her all the time.

Brian said...

I love that smile in the 2nd picture!!!

Au and Target said...

that looks like great fun. but not a cat toy. Au and Target want their treats INSTANTLY.

lupie said...

Sweet sweet Whisky!
That's the way to demand it NOW! :)

Come over, we will teach you how to train humans.

Love, Lucky & Co.

Lucy the Cat said...

Fun and good exercise. Whisky looks so cute showing her teeth.

Live Out Loud said...

I love the barred teeth - she looks so harmless! It's just for show. So adorable.