Monday, December 6, 2010

Meow-Me Escapes! And A Visitor

As Meow-Me seemed content just lazing about at the fenced up portion of our porch, we often let her out to stretch.  Saturday morning was no exception.  After her breakfast, we left her outside to stretch while we had our breakfast.  15 minutes later, I looked out and she was GONE!

We rushed out to look for her in the drizzle, hoping she hadn't gone far.  We called, we jingled the food container, we looked in the drains, at the back alley but there was no sign of her.  Hubby decided to walk further while I went back hoping she had come home but nothing.  Then Hubby came running back, waving his hands frantically.  He had found her!

The little girl was in the deep drain, looking a little disappointed that we managed to find her.  We had to climb in the drain, corner her and finally catch her in the most indignified manner.  I'm surprised she didn't scratch my eyes out.  She's only allowed out under very close supervision now.
Having a much needed drink after her adventure

Meow-Me's dejected look after her failed escape attempt
While I was feeding her dinner on Sunday night, we had a visitor!  It's a cat I've not seen before.  The cat was very friendly, loud AND starving.  The visitor allowed me to stroke and even carry him / her.  I can't make out if it's male or female but it's fur is nice and clean so I think it might be a lost cat.  I gave it some biscuits which it gobbled up.  Poor thing.
It looks like an adult cat.  I think it is neutered coz I didn't see any ding dongs and it's not pregnant either.  It looks to be in good condition but just very hungry.


Lucy the Cat said...

Oh no! What was Meow-Me thinking!? Crazy girl! I'm so glad you and your husband got her back to your safe house.

Poor homeless kitty! I hope he or she find its home. I just hate when I see outdoor kitties. I always worry about them.

Katnip Lounge said...

Meow-Me might be getting close, maybe she was looking for a place to have her kittens? Thank goodness your Hubby found her!

Poor Stray kitty, we hope s/he finds it's way home.

Mr Puddy said...

She was so lucky to meet you. To care , To look after and rescued her.

Brian said...

Oh Meow-Me, that could have ended badly, please be good sweet one! That stray might have gotten dumped, sounds pretty darn used to humans! I hope you all have a great week! (be good Meow-Me!)

Au and Target said...

Oh oh, it sounds like you're becoming a magnet for abandoned kitties!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Poor Meow-mee. Bless her heart. I think she is ready to have her babies. Maybe tomorrow you will be telling us about them.

The poor hungry lost cat that is heart breaking and than you so much for giving him something to eat,

Oskar said...

Oh I hope Meow-Me learned her lesson, how scary for you. I hope your stray finds his/her way back home.

Nubbin wiggles,

BeadedTail said...

We're glad Meow-Me didn't get far and hope she doesn't try to escape again!

We hope that kitty has a home! Thank you for putting food out and making sure he/she's okay. Poor thing.