Friday, December 3, 2010

We're Still Waiting.....

Since Meow-Me (her temporary name) came to stay at our porch, I've been very busy getting her settled.  Cosmo and Ling are very curious about Meow-Me and look at her from a safe distance.  I'm pleasantly surprised to observe that they seem to think they had better stick together against this newcomer as they have stopped fighting with each other (this is a good thing, of course!).

Cosmo : She's not moving in with us, right?  Mummy?
Ling : SIGH!
As for Meow-Me, I gave her a quick bath today (weather was nice and hot) as she smelt pretty bad, her fur was dirty and sticky from her life on the streets plus she couldn't groom herself (especially her bottom half) because of the size of her tummy.  She was very well behaved and enjoyed being rubbed dry (she loves a lot of attention). 
The hooman gave me a bath today!  I feel so clean!
Thank you to those who responded to my SOS on caring for Meow-Me.  I appreciate it very much!  Her babies have yet to make their appearance physically but have been kicking up a storm in their mummy's tummy!  Continuous vibes for a smooth birth (when it happens!) is much appreciated!

I've not been visiting of late as I was occupied with Meow-Me but now that she has settled in, I'll be coming round!  I can't wait to read about what you guys have been up to!


Au and Target said...

She does look nice and clean. Hope you cna find her a home; I'll help in feb, OK?

Thanks for your kind words about Qwill. My mum is devastated but she is happy that he had such a good and long life.

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Lucy the Cat said...

I love the expression on Cosmo's face!

I hope you got good advice on how best to care for Meow-Me and her soon-to-be-delivered babies. Hopefully, your vet can help too.

Again, you're so awesome to take her in! Hopefully, she can get spayed after she has her babies.

Admiral Hestorb said...

How beautiful and sweet that mommy is. Kisses to her and her babies.

Katnip Lounge said...

Meow-Me looks so happy to be all clean and shiney. Maybe you'll get kittens for Christmas!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Meow-Me looks so fresh and clean and quite happy as "the lady in waiting". We hope Whisppy has been reading up on the mid-wife duties!!
Hope all goes well.

Brian said...

Meow-Me looks lovely and we're all sending purrs her way. It's OK Cosmo & Ling, she needs extra care right now!

Gattina said...

She is such a cute cat even more because she looks like Arthur, lol ! Amazing how well she behaved when you gave her a bath ! My cats would have killed me all together !

Pesky said...

Meow-me looks like our old Mao (White with 2different coloured eyes)
She didn't return home one day, we believe she went somewhere to pass on :(
If her kitties look like her maybe I can convince my parents to adopt, as we already lost 2senior strays. Now left with two strays..

Neri said...

meow-me is sparkling now!