Friday, July 29, 2011

Poor Beaten Up Cat

I was feeding Boomer this evening when I found this poor chap behind me.  We have seen him before, often being beaten up by the other 2 male cats (whom I am STILL trying to capture and get neutered).  I will be sending him to the vet to be evaluated in the morning and hopefully it's all just superficial wounds and that he'll be fine after a few good meals and some medical care (which will include getting him neutered).  I got him to enter the carrier on his own with a plate of stinky goodness.

I absolutely CANNOT take in another cat, so I will need to return him to the streets once he is well so please pray that he'll be able to take better care of himself this time.  It's times like these that I truly wish I had the financial means to run a no-kill sanctuary.

For those who think it's cruel to castrate their male animals, take a look at this cat.  Do you think he is having a ball being intact?  NEUTER your animals, please!


Finn said...

Oh no! That's so sad. Let's hope it's superficial wounds.

Remington said...

Oh that poor cat! I agree! Spay and neuter! Another thing....I don't know why there aren't more places that will spay or neuter for feral cats at a reduced rate.

Willow said...

Territorial fighting is a big problem when we are not neutered or spayed. This poor guy more needs to be done to stop this type of problem. Revving up some purrs for him.

BeadedTail said...

Oh no, that just breaks our hearts! Poor kitty! Thankfully you are able to get him the medical care he needs. Bless your heart! We'll be purring for him!

Fin said...

Sending purrs that it's not too serious!

Berts Blog said...

If you lived closer, I'd take that kitty and give you back Allred. He is mean enough to survive in the wild.

You are so good to even take them in and get the neutered. that really will make his life a lot easier.

Much love from me and my kind.


Mr Puddy said...

OMC ! OMC ! That's terrible !!! I 'm sending purrs for you right now !
Heap of purrs , Massive purrs !
I hope you will be O.k.
Hugs and Purrs

Au and Target said...

Great post, Cathy. Purring for your kit. We're taking those two cats we looked at for adoption to the vet on Monday for their vacs and hope they find a home soon too. NEUTERING IS A MUST!