Friday, November 12, 2010

OH NO! Not Again!

Last night, Cosmo and Ling were sitting by the back door as usual while I was doing the laundry.  All of a sudden, there was a horrifying YOWLLLLLL so I ran to see what was going on.  Cosmo was all puffed up and Ling ran off.  I looked out and saw a new stray cat (our back door leads directly to the back lane).  Cosmo was yowling at the stray cat.

Ling was rather agitated from this (she had gone upstairs) and hissed when I approached her.  She calmed down when I sat with her and everything seem better.  They even ate dinner together!

Later, Cosmo was playing with me on the bed when he suddenly stopped, and then started to puff up slowly while staring at the door.  When I looked, Ling was at the door, also puffing up.  Before I could stop them, all hell broke loose, yowling and screaming along with the pee fountain (this was at 3am!).

I managed to shut the door when Cosmo ran out while Ling stayed with me for the night.  There is no change in the aggression today.  I've had to keep them separated (one stays in the room with me while the other gets the rest of the house and after a few hours, they switch places).  I did bring Cosmo into the room to sit on my lap (the both of them are their normal self when alone with me) while Ling was on her scratching post and she was furious.  Although I made sure they did not stare at each other, Ling still got into a massive hissy fit and Cosmo who was quiet at the beginning, started to growl then hiss.


GO AWAY!!!!!!!!


Mummy : The pictures are not meant to show that Ling is the one being difficult.  The both of them hissed at each other but I only managed to capture Ling's pictures as I was on the way out with Cosmo.  She is probably very afraid as this surely brings back awful memories of the first episode
At the moment, Cosmo is sitting right outside the door, mewing to come in and does seem like he wants to make up but he reacts when Ling starts growling then hissing in addition to the staring (who can blame him!?).  I will keep them separated for the time being.  I've read quite a few articles on redirected aggression but was wondering if anyone has had any on hand experience with it?  And how you dealt with it?

Here's some information on feline redirected aggression.


Brian said...

Our humans have only run into that rarely when an introoder is in the yard. They usually stick a bath towel in between us and shoo us to opposite parts of the house. Sounds like your two have it pretty bad, good luck!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We aren't like it with each other but there is a big man cat who lives near to us and he tries to get in OUR HOME at night and STEAL OUR FOOD. That make us yowl but only at him.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh goodness..this is hard for all of you to deal with. Mom, Cosmo and Ling. I am so sorry that it is happening and I wish I knew what I could say to help. I WILL pay good attention in my readings and see what I can learn to pass on.

Mr Puddy said...

This is weird !!! I really wish I can help but we got no experiences . I'm just one man cat in the house.
I hope you two are back to be good to each other as soon as possible, be good to mom ! "

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh you poor babies! I know what the pee fountain is...they must have been scared witless.

My only suggestion is separation and Feliway, maybe Bach flower essence, as well. And get that norty introoder kitty away. You don't want this again!

Oskar said...

I wish we had advice, but we don't. I hope both kitties can stop being scared & the intruder kitty doesn't come back!

Nubbin wiggles,

Au and Target said...

Oh oh, Target does this to Au when he's upset but it doesn't last long. That intruder has got to go!


Cosmo doesn't look afraid to me. He looks like he can handle himself pretty good! Those teeth look sharp! :-)

lupie said...

Are they all right now?
Ling now calm?
Maybe some catnip spray to help Ling?

Hope things are now a-okay!