Friday, August 20, 2010

Cosmo and Ling Update

There have been improvement in Cosmo and Ling's relationship.  I did not press them to make up but kept a close eye on their movements to make sure there's no more fighting.  That wasn't too difficult as Ling continued to stay close to me all day.
"I'm still upset with Cosmo for beating me up!  *SULK*"
Cosmo visited the laundry room in the afternoon and Ling followed him at a distance.  They are both very vocal when they get to the room.  Wonder what they are trying to tell me?

While they could be in the same place, they would keep a distance between them, not acknowledging the other.  It was all very strange to watch as they used to be so close!

"I'm NOT talking to Cosmo!"
Later in the evening, I watched as Ling walked slowly towards Cosmo and proceeded to sit, sphinx like, in front of him to groom him!  Cosmo responded by grooming her back!  What a relief!
Kiss and make up!
Then, just before dinner, the both of them went mad, chasing each other all over the house.  It was all done playfully with no sign of aggression.

My husband who witnessed the vicious fighting said it was really scary.  It took much clapping and shouting before Cosmo finally let Ling go.  This is really something we don't want happen again.

So, what was the trigger?  We still have no idea although it did dawn on me that it is the Hungry Ghost month now......*gulp*!

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Live Out Loud said...


I've noticed my two kittens no longer seem to sleep together. They used to always curl up and just get into impossible-to-be-comfortable positions in/on/under one another and now, no more.

They groom each other and play and chase but they don't sleep together.

My Mom said to me, "Maybe they're sick of each other. They are together 24/7. How would you feel?"

So, maybe something happened to your tykes we'll never figure out! But as long as they're making up, hopefully everything will be A-OK!!!

If I were you, I'd be doing the same thing, keeping a watchful eye and interpreting every move. I love that you took pictures to depict their plight!

I wish I had advice to impart but I haven't experienced this yet!