Friday, August 13, 2010

Whisky's UPM Follow Up

Whisky's follow up appointment with UPM for her glaucoma was this morning. She has been on the eye drops for almost a month (first was once daily, then once fortnightly, then once every 3 days).

When we arrived, her vet, Dr Nor was performing surgery so wasn't able to attend to us. Dr Elni attended to us instead. Another very nice lady!

"Mummy, my eyes are fine, can we go home now?"

Dr Elni took Whisky's IOP and the results were great! It was at 7 for both eyes (an average of 5 readings each eye), which is VERY VERY good!

Dr Nor called me after the surgeries to discuss the results and she asked us to continue with the drops at once per week and to see her on 22 September 2010. If her IOP continues to be low, we can stop the drops!


Au and Target said...

That's great news! See you tomorrow

Live Out Loud said...

Those are gorgeous eyes