Monday, August 30, 2010

New Grass!

We went to the nursery yesterday to get new grass for our garden.  We have to replant our grass every 3 to 4 months as that is usually how long it takes for our tortoises to eat them!  Luckily, our garden is not very big so it doesn't take too long to do this.

Here is Whisky checking out the newly planted grass.

"My freshly planted outdoor potty!  My my, the sun sure is hot today!  I can barely open my eyes!"
We also bought a pot of "Misai Kuching" which translates to "Cat Whiskers" because the flowers look just like it.  The leaves, stem and flowers can be dried (in the sun) then boiled together with your favourite tea.  The plant has medicinal values and is known to help with the kidneys and bladders.  The west know it as "Java tea".  We bought it only because we like how the flowers look.  :p

A close up of the "Misai Kuching".

Mummy says the "Misai Kuching" plant look like my whiskers.  I don't know a cat who's whiskers point upwards.  Do you?


Katnip Lounge said...

Well, they DO look like upside down whiskers!

Hannah and Lucy said...

If you stood on your head your whiskers would go up!!

Lucy the Cat said...

Your new grass is so pretty. How sweet that you let your tortises eat it and then start over.

I love the cat whiskers flower! The kitty is very cute. It's like the kitty and the flowers are the yin and yang of whiskers (if that makes any kind of sense).

Live Out Loud said...

Whisky has such a playful expression!!

I was also thinking if you stood on your head the whiskers would go up...(If the kitty does this - we want pictures!!)

Au and Target said...

Love that expression on Cosmo's face!

Gattina said...

I got distracted by your beautiful big eyes ! My cats don't have upwards whiskers, lol ! In fact I never payed attention to that, now I will check all the cats I meet this week !