Monday, August 16, 2010

Whisky Out At The Park

We brought Whisky to Central Park for a walk yesterday morning. Sharlene and Mark were also there with Abel. So was Dr Susanna and Penny. We also met a Tibeten Spaniel called Zoey who had on the cutest pair of goggles.

As Whisky and Zoey were pretty much the same size, Zoey's mum let Whisky try on the goggles. And here's how she looked!

Doesn't she look cute?

After Central Park, we, including Sharlene, Mark and Abel, made our way to Desa Parkcity to have lunch at Hobahn Korean Restaurant at the Waterfront. Whisky slept on the chair while waiting for us to finish lunch. Abel was all stretched out under the table, enjoying the coolness of the tiles.

I didn't manage to capture too many photos this time, but will definitely take more the next time!


Live Out Loud said...

Those goggles are so YOU Whiskey!

Just Sharlene said...

How come there is no photos of me, Mark and Abel? :-)

Whisppy said...

Yea lo. I didn't even realise it until we got home. Silly me.