Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Magic Ball!

One of Whisky's favourite toy is a ball where we put treats in and she bats the ball around to get them to drop out.  She's quite an expert at it too!

I'm READY, Mummy!

Grrr Grrr Grrrrrrr!!!!.....I said I'm READY!  HURRY UP!
(Mummy : see how demanding she gets!  But all the snorting and teeth baring is for show only....)

Heh heh......Roll roll roll we go!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cold Rainy Weather and Old Bones

It has been raining almost daily the last couple of weeks.  And Whisky's old bones are feeling it (she is 10.5 years)!  So now we let her wear a sweater (which a friend made for her) in addition to her tshirt when she goes to bed at night to help keep her warm.

Eeeep!  The sweater doesn't cover my butt!

Cosmo : Hahahaha!  Old bones!
Whisky : Why don't you come on down here and say that again!  I'll show you what "old bones" can do!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

When I got home after spending 3 days at the hospital, I hid behind the car while my husband opened the door.  Whisky came out, greeted him then sniffed the air......smells like Mummy....Mummy?  Mummmy??  And when I peeked from behind the car, she spotted me and came running towards me, laughing away!

Cosmo and Ling looked from inside the house, wondering what their big sister was doing.....then they spotted me too!  Ling was a little apprehensive, but came over once she realised it was really me.  Cosmo kept head butting me and asking me where have you been?  Huh?   Huh?   HUHH?????

Cosmo : Oh're home!  I MISSED YOU!

Whew....Keeping an eye on Mummy is hard work!  I'm EXHAUSTED!