Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whisky Wednesday

Whisky : You called, Mommy?
No sweetie...I think you were dreaming
Tutu : Hey! Quit moving around
Tutu : I said QUIT moving!
Whisky : Stop that!
This is Whisky's brand new bed. Her previous bed has been taken over by Cosmo but from the looks of things, Tutu might soon be taking over her new bed. LOL.

Whisky is very tolerant of the cats who know it and bully her constantly. With 7 cats in the house, poor Whisky is completely outnumbered...doesn't help that she's about the same size as the adult cats...actually Cosmo and Boomer are slightly bigger than her.  :)

If you want some good laughs, head on over to the Tabby Cat Club. It's hosting the "Embarrassing Photos" event.  Here's our entry.  :)
Love, Cosmo and Ling

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Toesies

Hi everyone! The Tabby Cat Club is filled with fun avatars. Do drop by to visit and let us know what you think of our avatars!

Love, Cosmo and Ling

Wooooh...unbelievable! Those toesies were quite tasty
*C H O M P*
Hey Kitties! If you haven't tried this, give your Mommy's foot a nice big chomp today! It's delicious!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Calicotude vs Tortietude

Coco, the silent but deadly Calico Princess

Tutu, the bad a$$ Tortie Gangster
Tutu : Hey YOU! I'm talking to you!
Coco : ???
Tutu : Hah! Hiding behind the air filter ain't gonna work
Coco : Fine. I'm here...and there's nothing between us. So?
Coco : Not so brave now, are we little one?
Tutu : Wanna bet? **princess**?
"Boomer to the rescue!!!!!"   *sccccrreeeechhhhhh*
"My job's done! Now, I'm getting the hell outta here!"
It's fun to watch Coco and Tutu try to figure things out. If Coco doesn't like somecat, she doesn't hesitate to show it. So far, so good between her and Tutu. Guess a lot of it has to also do with the fact that Tutu isn't one to back down although she's so tiny. But don't worry, I'm always around to make sure their playtime doesn't escalate into something awful.  :)

The Tabby Cat Club is holding the event "What's in a name", hosted by Oui Oui. We would love for you to drop by to read about how we and our friends got our names! Click HERE to read about us.
Love, Cosmo and Ling

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tutu and Bernie Thursday Vet Visit Update

Tutu here : First of all, we would like to thank Oui Oui and her Mommy for teaching us how to cartoonize ourselves. Oui Oui's Mommy cartoonized Bernie and MommyCat did me!

The vet visit on Thursday went very well. The vet tech whisked me to get an x-ray done and my fracture has healed and my bones are looking great! Yeay!! Now I get to run around all day and follow MommyCat everywhere.

Tutu : How do I look?
A funny feeling has come over me.....
Tutu's first experience with a silvervine leaf
I can't stop rolling around 
Help! My world has turned upside down!

Bernie here : My stitches were finally removed on Thursday and everything looks great! I'm adapting very well as a tripod bunny and I'm so happy the awful collar is finally last!
Bernie : Didn't Oui Oui's Mommy do a good job?
My Mommy added the beach balls
The stitches are OUT, OUT OUT! Yeahhhhhh!
Itchy ears...itchy ears...dang it, I'm scratching and scratching but why isn't the itch going away?
This is where I come in and help....
Thank you for everyone's good wishes. I'm doing very well!
Tutu and Bernie are now back in good health and we are so grateful for all the good wishes, purrs, woofs and prayers from everyone. Thank you so much!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tutu The Brat

Tutu : You have 2 seconds to move because I'm BIG and I'm TALL and I  HAVE CLAWS!
Run, little doggy, RUN!
Boomer : Hey little kiddo, what you did to Whisky was just plain RUDE
Boomer : Now, you listen to me carefully. We treat Whisky with love and respect. Got it?
Tutu : Oh, quit your nagging. Pfffftttttt!
Boomer : Why, you...insolent little brat! Take that!
Tutu : Aiyeeeeeeee!
Boomer : Now go say sorry to Whisky
Tutu : NO! NEVER!!!
Boomer : I mean it. Go apologize
Tutu : Go on....MAKE ME. I *dare* you
Mommy here :
Bernie and Tutu will go for their follow up with the vet on Thursday (just ONE more day!). Bernie, to get the stitches off and Tutu to get an x-ray done to make sure her bones are fine.
Bernie is doing very well, and his incision site is healing fine.  His attitude remains positive and he hops around easily.  :)
Tutu is also doing extremely well and is allowed out more often to run and burn off all those excess kitten energy (LOTS of it!). She now plays with Boomer and he is more than happy to oblige.
Whisky is used to the cats and their ways, and wasn't harmed by Tutu in anyway.  :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Fun With Ling

What are you doing, Ling?
What does it look like I'm doing?
I've having FUN! Yaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!
What am I playing with? Boy, aren't you full of questions today
Isn't it obvious? It's a ping pong ball, silly Mommy!
Bernie : I love me veggies! Yummy!