Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, TUTU!

Tutu : Look what Mommy brought home! She says it's my birthday present. But what's so nice about water I can't play with?
Tutu : Oooooohhhhh!
Tutu : Hello little do you like your new home?
Tutu : I love Fish TV!
Tutu : *HIGH FIVE* right back at ya!
Tutu : What are you staring at, Gourami Fishie? Never seen such a pretty kitty before?
Boomer : Whoa! Check out those round yellow ones! *licks lips*
Boomer : Dang it. My snack is protected by a forcefield!
Cosmo : It's going to take a while before they make a worthy snack. Can we give them more food, Mommy?
Ling : I choose THAT one!
Tutu : What? I've to share my presents? That's so wrong!
We're sorry for having been gone for so long. Mommy found it too hard to blog after Whisky's passing. Tutu was also grieving for Whisky which caused her to gain quite a bit of weight and she lost her desire to play and interest in things around her. She also stopped eating treats she used to share with Whisky. It took a while before Mommy realized the cause of Tutu's inactivity but once she did, she spent a lot of time helping Tutu recover and she's now back to her usual playful self though she still won't eat treats (still working on this!). She's also lost the weight she gained with the increased activity and a change in diet.

Then Mommy's maternal Grandmother left for the skies on November 17, 2014. On December 3, 2014, our tortoise sister, Dino, left for the bridge. January 6, 2015 saw Mommy's paternal Grandfather leave for the skies too. It's been a very challenging year and we are purraying for a better year ahead.

We are going to focus on the good things to come, starting with Tutu's 3rd Birthday today and we hope you will join us in celebrating her special day!