Friday, September 28, 2012

Hammock, Part 2

Thank you to all our furriends for their suggestions after the first attempt at sewing the hammock! Mommy bought a new type of fleece and Grandma got busy then when Grandpa and Grandma came to visit yesterday, they brought us a new hammock!

Are you going to give it a try, Coco?
Coco : Errrrr, I don't think so
Felix : Okay, okay. I will test it out. I sure hope I don't *sink* again...
*sits gingerly*
Felix : HEY! It didn't sink and it is super comfy!
Meow-Me : Can you see how pretty the trimmings are? Grandma did such a beautiful job!
Felix : LOOK! The both of us can fit in the hammock and it holds up really well!
Boomer : It may be pink but it doesn't faze a confident mancat like me!
Katie darling, I'll bring the hammock when I come visit and we can snuggle.  xoxo
Boomer : Can't wait for Mommy to finish getting my snacks ready so I can fire up the tunnel and visit my girl!
You may kiss my toes while I wait...
Hey. Introoder on our blog! Who are you!?
This is a stray intact tomcat who liked to visit the kitties as they lounged at the catio but it would get Boomer all riled up. I managed to catch him on Wednesday night with the help of my brother who came by to visit. He (the cat, not my brother) was neutered on Thursday and spent a night before being released on Friday afternoon. Here he is just after being released.
Boomer : Spitty, if you look *closely*, you might be able to see something oddly and eerily familiar to your very recent "tutoring" session. MOL.
Thank you Grandma! The hammock is perfect and so well made! We LOVE it! *kiss*

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Green Tuesday

I purchased a packet of Cat Grass Seeds recently and this is the result of my first attempt at planting them
Tutu : This is NOMMY!
I wasn't surprised that Tutu loved it because she likes to eat raw leafy vegetables
Tutu : Ouch. It's poking my nose!
Cosmo takes a sniff
Tutu : STAY BACK! It's MINE!
Cosmo : They sure are nice and tasty
Meow-Me : Better grab a bite while that bratty Tutu is distracted
Felix isn't quite sure what he thinks of it while Tutu stays guard
Boomer? What's up with that goofy face?
Ling and Coco were not really interested in the cat grass and Felix was not sure what to think of it. Everyone else liked it so looks like I'll be planting a few more pots!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Peaceful Saturday

The kitties have all gone over to Katie Isabella's house trashing pawty and I have Mommy ALL TO MYSELF this weekend. Yeay!
I'm squirrel hunting!
If you notice in Whisky's pictures, she has a "braided" tail that is clipped up. She was born without a proper tail (it's the size of a rice grain) and so the braid and clip is to keep her fur clean when she goes to potty  :) Since she has no tail to wag, she wags her entire body when she's happy or excited and her facial expressions sure say a lot!
Yoo hooo! Are you looking for me?
Mr Squirrel is actually a Tree Shrew but is commonly called a squirrel (or Tupai) even though there are obvious differences as our furriends observed. So we shall now refer to him / her as Mr / Mrs Tupai  :)
*squint* The sun sure is bright today! 
Mrs Tupai (we think she's pregnant) enjoying a piece of banana
A girl needs her beauty sleep! Nite nite effuryone!
To our kitty furriends, do fire up your tunnels and get to Katie's place immediately! Boomer is co-hosting the pawty with Katie and Tutu is there to tend to the bar - she mixes the best niptini's! Trust us, we've all tried it and even I think it's pawsome!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Goodbye, Poppy Vic

It is with great sadness that we bid our final goodbye to Poppy Vic.

Victor Mathew Adamus
December 27, 1947 to September 18, 2012

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ann and the rest of the Adamus family. You can visit Ann HERE.

Comments are off.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Felix Reviews The New Hammock

This is the last of the purchased hammocks and fearing for it's life (the buckles might snap at anytime),  I decided to purchase the fleece material and buckles and my Mom helped with the sewing
Ta-da! The finished product (it is the exact same measurement as the purchased hammock)
Felix tests it out
What do you think of it, Felix?
Felix : Why do I have this *SINKING* feeling?
Felix : Mommy, I think I'm about to fall out of this hammock...
Felix vacated the hammock shortly after this photo was taken and no cat was really interested to sit in it
And the verdict would be, beautiful sewing with solid buckles but wrong material. So, my question would be, what would be right type of material to use? It would seem that "fleece" is the material of choice when it comes to making hammocks for pets. Why is that? And what would be the right type of fleece to choose?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Boomer Has The Crazies

Boomer : You sure you want to give me a whap? Have you noticed the size of MY paws?
Tutu : Hah! That doesn't scare me one bit!
Boomer : Check out my jumping karate chop!
Boomer : And I pounced right on top of that dog and gave it a whapping it won't ever forget!
Felix : Bro, I think you snorted a bit too much of 'vine!
Coco : Oh crap....I have this awful feeling....
Tutu escapes Boomer's paws of doom...and only in the nick of time!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mo Cats Day 2012

Happy Mo Cats Day!
Cosmo : Mommy's Mo Cats Life started when I mewed to her in August 2008
Ling : I put on my saddest face to convince Mommy to take us home
They were to have been put up for adoption because Daddy didn't want cats. Then Daddy's heart got stolen by Ling. She is her Daddy's girl  :)

Ling has started eating again and is doing well. Thank you for the purrs and prayers!
Meow-Me : I was so pregnant and hungry in November 2010. Mommy couldn't bear the thought of me giving birth on the streets as it was the monsoon season so she put me in a cage. I had my babies 2 weeks later
She was supposed to have been released once the babies were weaned but she developed mastitis and after she was well, she had been off the streets for way too long
Coco and Felix : We are the Twins and we arrived on 9 December 2010 (we had an older furbling who didn't make it)
They were supposed to have been adopted which didn't work out
Coco : I'm the older sister
Felix : I'm the baby!
Boomer : I saw Mommy in April 2011 and charged right into her heart! No more, Daddy said. NO MORE!
Tutu : I'm a foster baby and now that I'm spayed, I'm ready to meet my forever family!
It seem like it was just yesterday that I was feeding Tutu from a bottle

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tutu Tries To Be Helpful

Tutu : "There there, you'll feel better soon enough"
Tutu : And I'll add a little bite of love to hasten the process. Heehee
Ling : Ouch! That hurts!
Tutu : I was just trying to help you feel better. You're so ungrateful
Ling : Yeah, I bet you were. You little pest
Tutu : Call me a pest, will ya? I'll show you what a pest is
Whisky : With 7 cats causing havoc in the house, I'm the only one who keeps Mommy sane. *smile*
Ling didn't eat her dinner last night (homecook) nor did she want her breakfast (kibbles) this morning. She is otherwise her normal self. I brought her to the vet this afternoon just to be sure and he couldn't find anything medically wrong with her. Hopefully it's just a case of her being a little picky with her food (she shows interest in food but walks off after sniffing at it) and that she'll be hungry enough to eat her dinner tonight. If necessary, I might crack open a can of tuna to see if that gets her attention (the last resort as I want to avoid tuna if possible - she gets addicted).