Friday, May 31, 2013

Fankful Friday

Tutu : MOMMY! Why is this thing here? How do I get through?
This is the top half of the stairs. I had turned off the lights and was heading to the bedroom with Whisky (Wednesday night). Whisky had gone into the room but as I was walking in, she decided to walk out. And before I could stop her, she had missed her footing and fallen down the stairs. I rushed down to see how she was and she didn't cry out but was shivering. After checking her over, she seemed to have no injuries so I brought her back to the room and stayed with her until she fell asleep
The next day, I put up a DIY gate. I had checked baby gates but those had a bar across the bottom which I think is very dangerous when put at the top of the stairs. The humans may trip on it and fall down the stairs. And we may not be as lucky as Whisky to escape unhurt.

:: C R A S H ::
Give it another try, Cosmo? I'm sure you can do it
Cosmo : *Recalculating*
:: L E A P ::
Well done, Cosmo!
Whisky : So I won't ever fall down the stairs again?
No, sweetie. You won't
Whisky : You positive?
Yes, sweet girl
You want to show everyone where you landed after you fell?
Whisky : Okay!
Whisky : Right THERE! Where my stunt double is
Tutu : Mommy! I found a way to get through!
Tutu : SEE?
Cosmo : Look, Ling! It's easy. Just remember to tuck in your body and paws!
Ling : Uh...I think I'll go with Tutu's method
This is the second time Whisky has fallen down the stairs. And both times, she escaped unhurt. I think it's because her legs are the same height as the steps so she kind of slid down the stairs. I was worried she might have bruised her tummy or ribs but she is perfectly fine. I'm so thankful.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordy Wednesday with Boomer

*grumble grumble grumble*
Boomer : Mommy says I have to help with the housework. I'm big enough to WIPE the floor, she says
Boomer : Child labor. That's what this is. I may be big but I'm still a child. I should report her
Towel : Stop your grumbling and get back to work!
Boomer : YIKES!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

You look mighty comfy in the harness, Tutu. I take it you like it?
Tutu : What torture device have you attached on me?
Tutu : It's trying to strangle me! Heeeellppppp!!!!
Are you done with being dramatic?
Tutu : It IS trying to strangle me! Can't you see it's tentacles around my slender neck?
Tutu : HELP me, Ling!
Ling : What on earth is all that screaming about?
Tutu : Arrrghhhhhhhhh!
Ling : Jeez. Say please
Ling : My goodness. Get your smelly paw out of my nose!
Tutu : I've said please. Now get it off!
Ling : Move your head and I'll try to whap it off
* B O P *
Tutu : Owwwww!
Ling : I told you to move your head!
Despite all the drama, Tutu actually walks very well in a harness
Tutu : That's because Daddy is holding the other end of the leash. I'll do anything for my Daddy

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tumbling Treat Thursday

Let the rolling begin!
Whisky : Come on out, little treat!
Whisky : There is no point trying to hide in the corner. I can still paw you out!
Whisky : Don't worry about Tutu. I won't let her hurt you
Psssst, Whisky! Look behind you!
Whisky : OHHH! YUM YUM!
Whisky : This treat is HARD!
Whisky : That was YUMMILICIOUS!
Whisky : Now, that is the kind of workout I enjoy!
Whisky has had this treat ball since she was a puppy which means it has lasted almost 13 years of tumbling around AND falling down the stairs!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Oh dear. What's up with that face?
Tutu : I have an uneasy feeling...
Tutu : But the freeze dried chicken is calling
It's the little white piece at the almost bottom left corner
Tutu : No sudden moves, you hear!
*sniff sniff*
Tutu : I said NO SUDDEN MOVES, evil sucking machine!
Tutu : Oh, look! A freeze dried cod! But it's right at the sucky machine's foot. Dang it, Mommy!
Tutu : I'm not putting my nose near that thing! I'll bat it out with my super fast paws
Tutu : You may have been quiet all this while, but I still don't trust you!
We bought a new vacuum this week and for some reason, the cats seem to think it's evil! This is strange considering they aren't bothered with the other 2 vacuums we have

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fly Fun

Butt sniffing done, let the games begin!
Tutu : I wanna start first
Boomer : NO you may not! It's MY turn!
Tutu : *smack*
Boomer vs Kragonfly
Boomer : Caught ya!
Tutu : Are you just going to lie there? Kill it!
Boomer : I'm trying!
Boomer : It's pretty strong!
*yanks Kragonfly back*
Tutu : Hurry up, will ya? It's my turn!
Boomer : Aiyeeeeeee!
Boomer : Arrrrrghhhhhhh!
The string had wound round Boomer's paw (in the 5 photos) and Daddy had no idea so he pulled which resulted in poor Boomer yelling for him to stop pulling. His nerves were soothed after some cuddling with Mommy
Boomer : How dare you wind your evil self around my paw!
Boomer : I'll kill you this time for sure!
Boomer : Closer now, CLOSER!
Boomer : Got ya! Die, Kragonfly, DIE!
Boomer : Whew, I'm exhausted! Time for some real snack!
Playtime isn't over until the kitty lays on his side and pants, says Jackson Galaxy. So with the killing done, it's time for a meal followed by a nap!