Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Special Guest Is Here!

Whisky : She should be here by now...but where is she?
Nellie has been feeling rather ignored at home since Jo-Jo joined the family so she decided to go visiting. And since she loves hot weather, we told her she HAD to come here! It was a long trip to Malaysia but Nellie finally arrived! We were a little surprised she landed just outside our catio and it gave Meow-Me a little shock. But we got over our surprise and welcomed our guest in after Whisky gave her a little garden tour on a bright sunny day
The Cats From Hell share a hellish joke which made Tutu so happy it got her tail thumping!
Boomer : We introduced Mr Rat to Nellie and she wasted no time showing him who's boss!
Meow-Me : Nellie asked how we travelled so we showed her our super sized tunnel that can teleport ALL of us in one go. We can even enjoy some tussling action while we teleport! Nellie was furry impressed and said she may have to consider getting one so Bob can join her on her travels
Curly and Pok weren't sure what to think of our guest so Curly decided some water was needed to calm his nerves while Pok gave Nellie the stink eye
Cosmo : Nellie was a little tired when evening came so we kept her company while we waited for dinner
Nellie : After the Whisppy's Mommy gave us dinner, I spent time with Whisky, chatting about how it's like being an elderly pet with young furblings. Then we settled down for a snooze on her comfy bed before I left on another long trip to visit a special Bun!
Thank you for visiting us, Nellie! We had such a wonderful time, we hope you will visit us again one day. Have a safe trip to England!

Please visit Nellie's blog to read more about our visit together!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

We want to thank all our furriends who commented on our previous post. Because of our fear of strangers, Mommy thinks it is probably best to take us to the vet rather than have a vet do a home visit as that might make us more fearful. As for the vaccination protocol, she will go with "less is more". YAY!  Thank you again for sharing your views with us!

What is your order today, kids?
I recently started the kids on a raw diet which only appeal to Whisky, Boomer, Tutu and Felix. Coco will eat raw turkey but not raw kangaroo. Cosmo, Ling and Meow-Me won't touch it
Tutu : Raw Turkey!
Whisky : Raw Chicken for me, thank you!
Boomer : Mine would be Raw Kangaroo!
Felix : I don't mind some raw kangaroo too!
And you, Coco?
Coco : MEH
A full tummy makes for a happy mancat.....
Like a python after a meal, the little girl sleeps....and there is peace in the house of Whisppy
Ahhhhh. This is the life....dreaming of kangaroos perhaps?
But all too quickly, the little girl is up and on the go again...
Tutu : Hey Spitty! Come on over and I'll teach you how to have lots of fun with a towel!
Tutu : But NO DROOLING on my towels!

We are so thankful for this super yummy diet (and towels)!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Cosmo : Mommy lured us in here with those yummy bonito flakes...but why? Why is there a table covered with a towel? Something smells fishy and I don't mean the bonito flakes!
Ling : I don't like this one bit!
Tutu : Why are the both of you grumbling? I see nothing wrong and this towel smells just like Whisky!
I made an appointment with a vet to do a house call and vaccinate all the kitties
Tutu : I thought you said someone was coming to give us treats, Mommy? Where's this mysterious person?

Tutu : We've been stuck in here for the last 2 hours! All the talk of treats has made me hungry!
Tutu : Good Cod! Were you lying to us, Mommy? There's no sign of the mysterious person!
Tutu : Oh well, I'll just practice toesie flirting. Is it working?
After waiting for 2.5 hours, I finally allowed the cats out. Guess the vet didn't want my business (this is my THIRD attempt with this vet). After all, it's *just* 7 cats, right? But a call would have been appreciated.

Everyone has had their complete kitten shots while Meow-Me and Boomer had their vaccination as adults. I did a little more research on vaccinations and I am inclined to believe they do not require boosters as their risk of exposure is almost zero since they are totally indoor cats. Rabies shots are not compulsory here.
Vaccinations can be a controversial topic so it is always best to speak with a vet to get their input. But it is just as important to do your own research on the risks and benefits of vaccinations. :)

What do you kitties think about having a vet do house calls? Especially kitties who aren't fond of strange people. I am pretty divided on this as on the one paw, having the vet come to the house would reduce the stress of traveling. On the other paw, being prodded and manipulated in what is deemed their "safe place" may be even more stressful. What do you think?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tutu Thursday

The water beckons
Tutu : Will you quit that noise!
Tutu : Didn't you hear what I said? Be quiet!
Tutu : I'll bite you till you quit
Tutu : Hey. It's worked! I'm sweating on my face coz that was hard work! Oh wait...I don't sweat on my face....
Tutu : Arrrrrghhh! I'll stop you yet!
Tutu : Golly. Don't you know who I am? I am TUTU! And when TUTU says stop, you STOP!
Tutu : I know! I'll smack you out of the sink so you form little puddles all over the floor and beg for mercy!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mancat Monday with Boomer

*sniff sniff sniff*
Tutu : Bah. It's just a caterpillar
Boomer : A very nice smelling caterpillar, I might add
Boomer : And lots of fun to bat around!
Boomer : It's nice for grabbing too!
Boomer : Ahhhhh, Caterpillar. You are so much nicer than Mr Rat. Even without being marinaded
Boomer : I'll teach you how to fly to prepare you for when you become a butterfly
Boomer : But before you become a butterfly, you will first need to be in a cocoon where you'll be snug and tight like this!
Caterpillar : But I don't want to be in a cocoon and emerge a butterfly
Boomer : WHAT! 
Caterpillar : You heard me. I wanna eat brains and I'll start with yours
Boomer : Help! HELP! My head! Caterpillar has taken my head!
Boomer : Head? HEEAAAD??? Are you out there?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Award On Tutu Tuesday

Recently, Spitty gave me (ME, Tutu!) this lovely award (thank you, Spitty!). I have to list 6 things I like and then pass the award along to anyone I choose. Mommy totally failed us with the awards we received last year and we are determined not to let her slack this year.

FIRST : My DADDY! I absolutely LOVE my Daddy. Well, I love Mommy too but Daddy is special
SECOND : My brofur, BOOMER! I play with all my furblings but my favorite is Boomer!
THIRD : Milk! It makes me purrrrrrr
Tutu loves to eat almost everything but milk is special. Maybe it brings back memories of her being bottle fed?
FOURTH : MY Our turbo track that Katie sent to me us!
FIFTH : Silvervine. I eat the silvervine powder but don't play with the slobbered on pillows and rats. I prefer chasing and bunnykicking my furblings instead. MOL
SIXTH : Water. Hee hee. I LOVE playing with water
Well, I am Tutu so rules don't apply to me. So here's my SEVENTH : My very own private cave!
This is a bonus for my adoring Spitty (heh heh). Me with the feather toy!
I would like to pass this award to all my furriends!

We have a few other awards we received recently that we'll post about very soon!