Monday, July 23, 2012

Tutu Won An Award!

Guess what, everyone? Mica Minnie Moo from Twinkletoe Tails gave me, TUTU, the Illuminating Award! Thank you so much, MMM!

Now, I need to share ONE illuminating fact about took me a while to come up with the MOST illuminating fact about me because there's just so many! Mommycat calls me DISHWASHER and it's not because of my love story with Dishy. To help you better understand why being called a Dishwasher is my most illuminating fact, I will let the pictures elaborate.

Will you hurry on up?
You ready? Let's gooooo!!!!!
* J U M P * 
Golly! You move like a walrus on land! Hurry up!
Nom nom loves me food
Done! Next!
Come on, hand that dish over!
The older cats usually leave bits of food behind so I sometimes let Tutu lick the dish clean
Dishwasher hard at work
Tutu ensures the dish ILLUMINATES before moving on to the next dish
No time to rest! This dishwasher has dishes to illuminate!

Ling has been selected as a finalist for the Best Nippy Face event and the voting is now open. Could you please vote for your favorite here : BEST NIPPY FACE

Coco is currently in the Top 3 for the ARTISTIC High Jump event and it's now open for votes. You can cast your vote here : ARTISTIC HIGH JUMP

While we would love for you to vote for Ling and Coco, we also want to be fair and we ask that you vote for your favorite.  :) May the best Nippy Face and Artistic High Jumper win!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guess What Came In The Mail Recently?

Mommy had been looking around for "Cat Daddy" by Jackson Galaxy but the book has yet to hit the local bookshelves just yet. Then she read about the giveaway by Allie, Faraday and Maxwell.....

Guess what arrived in the mail recently?

We won the giveaway!
A copy of Cat Daddy, courtesy of A Tonk's Tail....(err....Tale...)
And it was AUTOGRAPHED by Jackson Galaxy himself!
Thank you so much, Allie, Faraday, Maxwell and Mom Lisa! Mommy is really happy as she loves My Cat From Hell and now she gets to read about how it all started.

Boomer and Felix spying on the squirrels in the garden next door
Boomer : See, Grandpa? No problem for us (well, ME) to get up and move about on the top perch
How many kitties can you see?
Boomer and Coco love being on the top perch. Everyone's happy and relax, hanging out at the catio
This picture makes me laugh. Daddy just got home and they thought he was some monster (he was pulling his luggage and it made horrible rumbling sounds against the driveway)
Coco : This is how we enter and exit the catio. As you can see, Grandpa made some changes to the original mosquito netting to accommodate an entrance
We decided to get a large cat tree and have a catio built because of what we learnt from Jackson Galaxy on My Cat From Hell. And we can very quickly see how happy the cats are with the new additions. Boomer will spend almost all day in the catio and as soon as I open the door to their room, he comes charging from the catio to flop at my feet, almost like he's saying thank you. Then off he goes right back to the catio. Meow-Me and Ling are still a little reluctant to go in on their own but once I put them inside, they are okay. I wonder what's up with that?

Now, question. How do I increase Bird and Squirrel TV? The cats can't extend their paws out of the netting so it's very safe for birds and squirrels. What food can I use and what plants can I plant? The weather here is hot and humid...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Total Pawsomeness!

Last Saturday, we heard a lot of drilling and hammering and sawing outside our big window. We thought we HEARD Grandpa but we didn't see him. Then on Sunday, we saw Grandpa and Grandma and again, LOTS and LOTS of activities outside. Hmm. What was going on? It was quiet after that....until Wednesday, when there were Grandpa and Grandma again! HEY! What's going on out there!?

Then we were unceremoniously shoved out of the window....

What's this?
Felix : Hey you guys! Is it safe to come out?
The 2 big boys (Cosmo and Boomer) enjoying a little game of whappity paws on the catio
Tutu : That's MY scratch board
Coco : Not when my paw's on it
Tutu : Felix! Why are you messing with my scratch board? You have a death wish or something?
The young lioncat surveys his kingdom
Tutu : Okay okay, you can share my scratch, help me up!
Felix : Hold on to my paw, Tutu. No, NOT with your teeth!
Boomer, a formerly stray cat, give the young ones a lesson of the great outdoors
Lesson 1 : "Okay, kiddies, that buzzing thing you hear? The one that's making Mommy say all those words we aren't allowed to repeat? Well, that's called a FLY and they taste NOMMY!"
Lesson 2 : "You see that house there? That used to be my playground. That was also where I used to find the juiciest roaches which I brought home for Mommy. She must have really loved them since she would scream out with joy!"
Lesson 3 : "I don't miss the outdoors all that's a tough world out there, kiddos"
This is our "catio"...which we all absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
We finally have our very own catio, designed and built by our talented Grandpa (assisted by Mommy and Daddy) and supervised by Grandma! While our indoor cat tree allowed us to look out the window, nothing beats being out in the open. Now that we are aware of the catio, we move in and out through the window on our own. And as you can probably tell, Tutu is completely at home in the catio.  :)

We want to give a loud MEW OUT to our Grandpawrents (Mommy's parents). You are the very VERY BEST! Thank you so much for building us the catio. We LOVE it (and we LOVE YOU too)!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tortie Tuesday

Hey! How did you get in there?
Hey Buddy! You need help in there? Is that birdie bugging you?
Yoo hoo!? Where ARE you?
Err....dude...wake up! That birdie's gonna peck your eyes out!
You nuts or something? Why are you sleeping now? WAKE UP! shrunk!
I give up. I may as well sit back and watch that dude get eaten by that birdie. That dude's a goner for sure

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tortie Thursday

Tutu is now strong enough to jump onto the kitchen counters and she's found her love...Mr Dishy, the dish cloth. 
Jumping up the counter....easy peasy!
Hello darling Dishy...your beloved Tutu is here
Slowly does it
*H O P*
Now the tricky bit...
Don't worry, Dishy Darling...I've got a firm grip on ya....
Just a few more feet and we'll be all alone to enjoy each other....
Help me, Tutu!!! The evil Human has gotten hold of me!
Tutu won't let you go without a fight!
Tutu's crazy about this particular dish cloth. I've offered her a similar dish cloth but she shows no interest. It's also becoming quite a challenge to keep her safe from hot stoves and even kitchen waste. We've tried using the spray bottle on her but she doesn't even flinch. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to keep her from getting into things other than to lock her in a cage?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Torture Device

Oh oh....I'm not liking this....
It says PUPPIA! I'm NOT a PUP!
See my chompers? I'll chomp on you if you don't remove it
** C H O M P **
HEY! Go chomp on the one who put that ridiculous thing on you. *nutcase*
*mumble mumble mumble*
I'll show Mommy just what I think of this (*#^&# harness!
See Boomer? The great outdoors!
We bought this new Puppia harness to see if it works better on the cats. It fits much better as it has an adjustable neck strap and the cats aren't able to squirm out of it as easily as the first harness. Boomer isn't very cooperative with it...yet.  ;)