Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

L to R
Felix, Coco, Meow-Me
A special request from Boomer : My darling Katie Isabella isn't feeling well so please, please send purrs and purrayers that she feels better quickly. Thank you!
Tutu developed quite a large scab on her back (at the antibiotic injection site earlier this month) so I brought her back to the vet. He confirmed it wasn't anything sinister and that Tutu would be fine. He clipped off some of her fur at the site, which is why there's a little bald spot on her back
It's been a yucky month but we are thankful to have recovered fully from the cat flu in time for Thanksgiving. And a big THANK YOU to all our furriends who purred and purrayed for our recovery. And not forgetting Mommy (and Daddy) too!

We, the Furries of Whisppy and Mommy would like to wish all our furriends in America a very Happy Thanksgiving! We'll join in the celebrations by having some freeze dried turkey!  :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Meow-Me!

This was Meow-Me when I caught her on November 20, 2010
She was HUGE!
But yet so thin and had very bad skin and fur. She gave birth to Coco and Felix 2 weeks later, battled Mastitis and it took a long time to fix her skin and fur but it was all worth it because.....
Look at her today!
This picture makes me laugh!
Meow-Me : I'm coming over, so get your hands ready for a petting session!
*scratch scratch scratch*
Meow-Me : Ahhhhhhhhhh
Meow-Me : If you whap my butt at the right spot, I start licking the floor. Tee hee
HAPPY BELATED GOTCHA DAY, Meow-Me! We love you, your cute round shape (despite whatever diet I put you on) and your raspy Marge Simpson meows!

Whisky : We won a giveaway on Twinkletoe Tails for a pack of Trading Cards from Just4MyPet. We had an emergency meeting to see who got to be on the cards and of course it was going to be ME! Silly kitties
Whisky : The cards were sent out very quickly after we placed the order and it arrived 2 weeks later (which is normal for mail coming from the US). Doesn't it look great? I sat with Mommy to choose the pictures and the design template. What do you think?
Cosmo, Ling and Tutu are back to their usual self and are spending the days hanging out together in my office while we wait for Boomer to make a full recovery (yes, the poor boy caught the bug on Nov 16) which shouldn't be long now (he's finally gotten past the worst bit).

It's been 24 days since Stinky fell ill and the kids caught the bug one after the other. I'm glad it's finally going to be over. We'll be coming over to visit so, see you guys soon! We've missed everyone!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Finally Friday

Stinky : It sure feels good to stretch out on the warm tiles
It will probably rain later, remember to stay dry, you hear?
Stinky : Yes I will. Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick
You're welcome. But please stop chasing after me to rub against my legs, okay?  :)
Boomer : Is Tutu better? When can I see her?
Cosmo : Hi Mommy!
Cosmo : Mmmmmmm. Freeze Dried Beef! Yummy
Cosmo is sneezing a little and has to breathe through his mouth. But his fever has gone down and he's been eating his meals and taking his meds without any fuss
Ling : I'm feeling so much better today!
She has started to eat her meals on her own so no more undignified force feeding sessions (my fingers are relieved!). There's still some mild congestion but she is definitely feeling happier
Ling : Daddy showed me the photos of ME in the last post. How could you post such embarrassing photos of me!
Tutu : I'm feeling much better today too. Good enough to enjoy a little playtime!
Tutu : I'm still a little congested but I am feeling a lot better. Thank you for all your purrs and purrayers for Stinky, Ling, Cosmo and me. We are still being kept separated until Cosmo gets well so please continue to send purrs for him to get better.  xoxo
Just as I thought the worst was over with Ling and Tutu getting better, Cosmo starts sneezing. The good thing is, he isn't at all difficult like his sisfur (Ling) so that's a huge relief.   :) I'm going to need a vacation after this!

We hope to start visiting our furriends again this weekend.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Stinky : I'm all better now. LET ME OUT!
I know you are feeling better from all your mewing but you can't go until you stop sneezing. I don't want you to spread your germs to the neighborhood cats. It's bad enough that your germs made Ling and Tutu sick and everyone has to be quarantined from each other
Stinky : I made my friends sick? Oh. I'm so sorry, Ling and Tutu. I didn't mean for that to happen
Boomer : I get to be downstairs, all on my own. I'm so bored. I miss Tutu
Cosmo : I'm in Mommy's office and I get the chair all to myself though I do miss my sisfur, Ling
Tutu : I hate being sick though it's kinda nice to have Mommy and Daddy fuss over me. PLUS I get to sleep with them on the bed every night (Daddy usually doesn't allow us on the bed but now he just lets me sleep wherever I want, even on HIS side of the bed)
Ling : Well, lucky Tutu gets the bedroom while I am stuck the bathroom. Hrrummpf
That's because you'll make a huge fuss to get out and no one will get any sleep. We still fuss over you, right?
Whisky : I have a QUESTION for you!
So we have Ling and Tutu sick at the moment and both have lost their appetite. Who do you think is the good patient and who's the bad patient? Take a minute to think about it then scroll down for the answer....
We found that if we left the plate on the floor, Tutu would struggle to eat due to the congestion. So we hold the plate up for her and she is able to eat better
Her appetite isn't great, but she does make an effort to eat on her own
And then we have Ling.  :)
She'll be sleeping but as soon as we open the door with her food, she does this. We don't think it's because she can't wait to eat, but rather as a sign of disgust because we have to force feed her (she refuses to eat on her own)
And this is AFTER being force fed. Sigh
Did you guess right?
Ling and Tutu are on antibiotics (both had fever) and Lysine (they caught a cold). I am guessing they should make a full recovery by this weekend. Until then, everyone will continue to be quarantined to ensure the situation remains under control. Cosmo, Meow-Me, Coco, Felix and Boomer are all alright.

Stinky the stray will be released once he stops sneezing, possibly in another day or two.

We're sorry for being scarce the last few days but it's really stressful at the moment. We'll come by to visit as soon as we can!  

In the meantime, if you have purrs to spare, we'll appreciate if you could send them over!  :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : Whoa. What is this thing?
Whisky : I remember seeing this when I was much younger!
Whisky : Darn it. I forgot how sharp they are. OUCH!
Tutu : It smells really familiar and it's making my tummy rumble!
Tutu : The smell is tantalizing! I'll have to give it a nibble...
Silly girl, you have to get it out of the thorny jacket first
Tutu : Well then, HURRY UP!
Tutu : I can see it!!!
Tutu : Mmmmmmmmm
Tutu : NOW it LOOKS AND TASTES right!
Tutu : DURIAN!
Tutu : Oh Yummmm!
Tutu : That was lip smacking good!
Tutu : REALLY REALLY GOOD! And I can taste it all over again every time I burp. BURPPPPPPP!