Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day, Boomer!

We are a day late in celebrating Boomer's 2nd Gotcha Day but he didn't mind! Boomer's an easy going Mancat!

Boomer : I received a brand new Silvervine P-Low! Can you tell I'm really happy? :p
Boomer : I love, LOVE LOVE my new pillow!
Boomer : Oh it smells SOOOOOOO good!
Boomer : I received a brand new box too!
Boomer : AND a new feather! But the best present of all.....
even if it isn't *new*, is my VERY OWN playmate!
Tutu : OW! I know you're excited and all, but watch it!
Boomer : Tutu and I are the only ones with no blood furbling among us kitties
(Cosmo and Ling are brother / sister, Meow-Me, Coco and Felix are mama / daughter / son)
Boomer : We have so much fun together!
Boomer : We even play with the Turbo Track together
Boomer : I am so grateful to have my very own family! And Katie Isabella, the most beautiful Ladycat in the world!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Park Day, April 26, 2013

It is Park Day today (April 26, 2013), hosted by Finn and Gizmo!
We couldn't make it to the Park the last few weeks because first it was way too hot (Mommy worried I might get a heat stroke) and then the rainy weather set in. So Mommy is using photos taken about 2 years ago. We hope that is alright.

Whisky : Sure is windy!
Whisky : This is one of only two dog-friendly parks in the city. I prefer to stroll on the pavement since some dogs leave their, uh, stuff behind and no one picks it up. Yuck.
Whisky : Since I'm an older girl, our walks are very leisurely
Whisky wasn't properly socialized as a puppy (totally my fault - I didn't know better then). While she doesn't get aggressive, her behavior sets off the other dog and there have been several near misses and one where she actually got bitten. We would like to avoid that so we only visit the park during non-peak doggy hours
Whisky : Taking a short break to enjoy the view and for some treats and water
Whisky : I'm shocked (can you tell?)! Daddy had put down my treats that were in a small bag to take my photo and the wind blew it into the pond (after almost falling in, Daddy finally did manage to fish it out - but my treats were ruined!)!
Whisky : Heh heh. This is the BEST part of Park Day. Nom NOM time at the restaurant!
Whisky : Okay folks. This older girl needs her beauty sleep. We hope everyone had a fun Park Day!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tutu Tues....uh, Wednesday

Would you believe Mommy forgot to put up my Tutu Tuesday post? Well then, we'll have a Tutu Wednesday post! I can't let all of you miss me for a whole week, right?

Tutu : Yes yes, this is me when I was 3 days young. I love my milk!
Tutu : This is the same milk I drank as a newborn and I still LOVE it! Hurry up and pour it in my bowl, Mommy!
As soon as Tutu hears me ask her "you want milk milk?" and hears her special "milk bowl", she makes the cutest baby mews and starts purring very loudly. It's so adorable!
* lap lap lap lap lap *
Tutu : Oh, there's a tiny bit left!
* BUUUurrrrrrppppppp *
Tutu : See? I can burp on my own now. I don't need Mommy to pat my back like when I was a baby
Tutu : That milk is lip smacking good!
One week after I started her on coconut oil. Her skin is no longer itchy and the scabs have cleared up. Her fur is also growing back. Click HERE to see how it was before she started the coconut oil
* B I T E *
Tutu : Don't mess with my bum!

Mommy : I just wanted to get a picture of your itchy spot
Tutu : NO!
Tutu : This is a bonus shot of cutey me since you had to miss me all of yesterday (my mouth is open because I had just nommed Mommy. Mommy doesn't taste yummy like my milk)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mancat Monday on Earth Day

Boomer : A little more to the right, Mommy...PURRFECT!
Boomer : Oh, Hello Kitties! It's Earth Day and I sent Mommy off to the nursery to get some new plants to green our garden. I think Mother Nature likes that, right? I was just helping her position our new Bamboo plant in the top picture
Boomer : What do you think of our new bamboo chimes? They are Earth friendly too! And do you see our new Bamboo plant? It's at the right of the picture
We had to throw away all the hanging petunias as the poor things were infested with whiteflies which made them very sick. It made Mommy very mad and upset because nothing she did could get rid of the whiteflies. And then the whiteflies infested our catnip plant and that made US very mad (Mommy had to throw the catnip plant away too)! Does anyone out there know how to get rid of whiteflies (without harsh chemicals, please)? Mommy is going to plant a new pot of catnip for us and we'll like to keep it safe from those pesky creatures. Help, please?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

* grumble grumble grumble *
Tutu : Look at how wet my furs are!
Tutu : The water has messed up all my furs!
Tutu : Finally! I think I'm almost done putting all my furs on my legs back in place...
Tutu : Good COD! Look at the mess back here!
Tutu : Mommy, I really can't believe you did that to me. I thought you loved me
Tutu : Dang. Between my toes too?  When will this end!
Tutu : I'm not giving you any love biteys this week, Mommy
Tutu has been chewing and barbering two spots for weeks now. I wasn't sure if she had fleas (highly unlikely but it's tough trying to find a flea in her dark furs) that caused an allergy. So, after taking weeks to prepare myself to be mauled by her in the bath (I try to avoid using flea treatments where possible), I finally gave her a bath last Friday and was relieved when she didn't seem to mind the bath (no crying, no fighting, no nothing).  Surprised?  :)
Tutu : Ohhhh. This smells delicious! Tastes really good too!
Tutu : What is it, Mommy?
Mommy : It's Coconut Oil
Tutu : Oh. What is it for?
Mommy : To help with the itchy spots
Tutu : So why did i need the bath!
Mommy : Er...well, I only saw Star's post the day after your bath. Sorry! 
I read about how Coconut Oil helped Star's skin condition, so I decided to give it a try on Tutu. Despite the oil smelling coconuty, Tutu LOVED it. She gets 1 teaspoon a day
These are the two spots at the start of the Coconut Oil treatment (Saturday, April 13)
PS/ I applied some oil on the spots and Cosmo licked it off!
The Coconut Oil I'm using on Tutu. Day 4 and her furs seem to be softer and more silky. She's also not bothering her bald spots very much now. Does it mean it's working? I sure hope so as coconut oil has many other benefits!
Our prayers go out to the people of Boston affected by the senseless bombing at the site of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tunnel Fun With Ling and Tutu

Tutu : Look what Mommy brought home!
Ling : Whoa....I feel rather dizzy
Ling : Who goes there!
Tutu : * S U R P R I S E *
Ling : Eeeeek!
Ling : Catch me if you can!
Tutu : she comes! 
Tutu : Heh heh! Ling has no idea I'm in here
* wiggles butt *
Tutu : GOTCHA!
Ling : Ow ow ow OW OWWW!
Ling : BRAT!
Tutu : Bite me!
Ling : ?!?! Where you going?
Tutu : I'm BACK!
Ling : You are one crazy kid!
* pant pant pant *
Tutu : That was FUN! Who's next?