Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : What are you up to now, Mommy?
I bought you a new PINK harness. Do you like it?
Tutu : Do I LOOK like I like it?
How about a car ride, Tutu?
Tutu : I don't think so!
Tutu : Bring me back indoors...right now!
Tutu : The outside doesn't smell very nice
How about you go smell some plants?
Tutu : F.I.N.E
*sniff sniff*
Tutu : And now for a taste test!
Tutu : Can we go inside now?
Tutu : NOW, Mommy. N.O.W
Tutu : Ahhhh. It's good to be nekkid again

Friday, September 13, 2013

Furriends Friday

* S T R E T C H *
* Y A W N *
Boomer : Ahhh. That was a nice little nap! Now, what shall I do this Friday afternoon?
At almost 14lbs, Boomer is much bigger than Tutu's 10.3lbs
But they are the best of furriends, Boomer having loved Tutu the minute he heard her first cries
Boomer : I love you, my silly bitey baby sisfur
Tutu : I love you too, big brofur and I'll give you a bitey to prove it!
Boomer : Oh, no no, that won't be necessary. I KNOW you love me
Tutu : BUT I want to SHOW you how much!
* B O P *
Boomer : Time out!
The best furriends take a short break before....
Tutu : Let me bite you!
Boomer : Okay, but only if you are able to push my legs back
Tutu : THERE! Done
Tutu : I'll bite you before the day is over!
Boomer : Pfffffttttt

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : I have never smelt anything like this before
* S N I F F F F F F F F *
Tutu : Think I need to give it a little taste test
Tutu : And another....
Tutu : And take yet another long sniff at this interesting aroma
Tutu : Ahhh, Kitties, if you think tuna is stinky goodness, you should smell this! This is top of the class STINKY! I'm not decided on the goodness bit...
Whisky : I could smell this in my sleep! Ohhhh, I have not tasted you in a long while
Whisky : YUM!
Tutu : Did Whisky just say YUM? What am I missing? Give me another taste, Daddy!
Whisky : That was lip smacking good!
Tutu : Seriously? I still can't decide if I like this or not....
The fruit Daddy is holding is called a Durian (click HERE to see what the Durian looks like), also known as the King of Fruits in South East Asia. It is a love it or hate it kind of fruit, with many non-Asians going the "hate it" way. If I remember right, I think Durian was on Fear Factor before.  :)

And just a few days ago, there was an interesting news report in Australia with regards to the durian that made us laugh. Here's an excerpt from the article :

"The strong, pungent smell of the durians went into the ventilation system and reached the office next to ours on the 15th floor of the Market St building. The staff in the adjoining office, all Caucasians, panicked because they thought there was a gas leak ... they summoned the emergency services. The whole floor was evacuated within minutes," he said. 

But in all seriousness, Durian IS very yummy.  :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Soaking Saturday

Whisky : Oh no no no no no!
Whisky : OH NOES!
* S I G H *
Whisky : Hey, TREAT!
Whisky : Errrr, Daddy? Do you mind bringing the treat nearer? I can't move
Daddy : Of course you can move, just take a step forward
Whisky : Oka...uggg
Whisky : Why are you laughing, Mommy?
Whisky : There goes that treat again. Darn it!
Whisky : I know! I'll go on reverse and back up to the treat
Daddy : Silly girl. I'll guide you to the treat, okay?
Whisky : Won't it be much easier if you just guided your hand with the treat toward my mouth?
Whisky : That's it. I'm going to lay down, close my eyes and when I open them, this would all be just a bad dream
Whisky : Oh CRAP
Tutu : What is going on down there?
Whisky : Call the SPCA, Tutu. Mommy and Daddy are trying to drown me
Mommy : Why are you sticking your bum so high up?
Whisky : I don't want a wet bum!
Whisky : FINALLY! 
Whisky : Can you stop taking my pictures? I am nekkid!
Mommy : Okay, sweetie. Time for a bath
Whisky : WHAT!? *THAT* wasn't a bath? I hope effuryone is having a much better Saturday!

This is our first attempt at Water Physiotherapy to strengthen her hind legs. There should have been a little more water so it reached her tummy but we thought we'll just let her experience being partly submerged in water. She wasn't very willing to walk in the water but we'll keep trying!