Monday, January 30, 2012

Me And My Vine

Hellooooo little vine leaf...long time no see
Excuse me while I wipe my ears
:: nibble ::
Lala ladi di dum
Ah...Little vine I love you so...
HEY ... Shoo!
::grumble grumble::
Can't a mancat enjoy his vine leaf in peace?
For those who are interested in getting some silvervine for your kitties, do visit Alice's Cat Shop. We get our supply of leaves and silvervine P-Low from her and best of all, her stuff are of great quality AND she ships international at a very reasonable rate.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby Alert!

Another customer of mine was outside her house and heard a kitten crying last Saturday. After a while, she realised it was coming from a garbage heap. She lifted the garbage bags and found the little kitten in a box...alone, and obviously abandoned. She thought it belonged to a cat who liked to hang out at her neighbor's home and so they decided to leave it at the porch, hoping the mother would take it back.  The mother did not, even after several hours. She has no experience raising kittens this young so asked if I could help. So the little kitten has been with me almost a week now and we think she was abandoned from birth.  Which would make her 6 days old today.

Little kitten is a tortoiseshell and quite certainly a girl
She is very active and loud when it's time to eat / pee / poo and isn't difficult
She has a very very good appetite and drinks her milk without any fuss
Fast asleep on her warm sock (filled with rice)
She stays at our living hall where only Whisky, Cosmo and Ling move freely.  My main concern would be that her immune system is weak as she didn't get her mother's milk (colostrum).  The plan is for me to look after the kitten until it's old enough to eat on it's own and litter box trained then my customer will take her back for rehoming. If anyone's interested to adopt her, please leave me a comment.

I've been really tempted to call her Chewy as she looks a lot like Chewbacca from Star Wars.  :)  My customer called her Rubber Seed as she very much resembles one (her colours and size of her head).  She'll most likely grow up to be very pretty like Isabella.  Anyone want to suggest names for her?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Madness With Merlene

First of all, we would like to wish all our furriends and family a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!  May the year of the Water Dragon bring you good health, good blessings and much happiness.

MEOW WEE!   Felix, mah man, you're so white, I need shades!
You're right.  You're definitely longer than my outstretched paws
*Clunk* Dang!  Can't clear the ESS like Uncle Boomer
I have the graceful twirl of a ballerina
*No kitty was harmed in this game*
Yikes! What is that thing?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Guess Who's Here?


Hahahehehe!  Stop it!  That tickles!
That's MY basket!  Scoot!
Get O-U-T!
Nyeh'll have to make me!
(don't worry, the hissing was all for show only. She made no attempt to hurt Merlene in anyway and Merlene wasn't afraid of her at all)
By the next day, Meow-Me was inviting Merlene to play
Catch me if you can!!
YOU can't catch me either!
It's so nice to have Merlene boarding with us.  Her sister is here as well and though she has not embraced Merlene wholeheartedly, swatting her when she jumps on her beautiful floofy tail, the relationship is cordial. While I don't allow boarding cats to mix with other boarding cats and my own cats, I let Merlene out to play with the gang as she spent her first few weeks with us and they get along very well.  There's a lot of playing, chasing and running around among them (helps burn off those kitten energy!).
To encourage the sisters to bond, they get private play time outside as well.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Indoor Garden

We've been looking around for "cat grass" for a while now without ever realizing that our favorite juice bar sells Wheatgrass, all grown up and ready to be eaten AND organic too! So we bought some the other day and presented it to the furries.

What?  I'm allowed to EAT this? this for real?
Are you chewing on this plant?  Do you want Mommy to shout at you?
Didn't you hear?  She said we CAN EAT this!
Meow-Me : Uh, Boomer, you're supposed to smell the green bits
Boomer : But look at the potential mess we can make with the brown bits!
Okay, okay.  I'll give the green bit a try
Oh COD!  *gag*  Mommy!  You expect me to LIKE this?
Heh heh...look at how those little brown bits are coming apart....
It seems that only Cosmo and Boomer were interested in it.  Actually, probably just Cosmo.  Boomer just wanted to play with the soil after that one attempt at eating the grass.

Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 New Year Resolution

My 2012 New Year resolution is to homecook for all the furries (Whisky's been on homecook since 2008). The following pictures are the 2nd batch of homecook I made. Forgot to take pictures when I made the first batch.

Mashed chicken meat with some veggies.  No grains
Ready to be served
I add some oats to Whisky's portion.  She LOVES it
Ling doesn't really mind it
Meow-me tucking in.  I hope giving her homecooked meals can help bring her weight down
Cosmo : You want me to eat *that*?  Really?
I had expected resistance from Cosmo as he isn't into *human* food.  So was pleasantly surprised when he finished everything
Ling didn't finish her portion so I had put it on the stairs for her.  This is what I saw when I came back...
Portions to be placed in the fridge and freezer
This is White White.  His eyes are much better but will remain with me for at least another week to finish the medicine.  He's quite the sweetheart and loves scritches
I add supplements into the food to make sure they aren't missing anything.  They still get kibbles for breakfast.  The homecooked is for dinner.  Does anyone else homecook for their furries?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stumpy and White White

Stumpy and White White are two males that we managed to capture and neuter last year.  They return to our back alley daily to eat.

Stumpy tucks into yummy tuna
Stumpy looks very well and is less afraid of me though he won't let me near him. I noticed that White White had "black eyeliners", around 3 weeks ago but he was otherwise okay.  On Friday night, my heart went cold when I saw that his right eye was sealed shut while his left eye was cloudy.

What he looked like when I caught him
After cleaning the eyes with saline
He allowed me to scruff him and put him in the carrier without any fuss which was very surprising. I cleaned out his eyes with saline and thankfully the right eye looked okay.  The left eye had a corneal ulceration.  I took him to the vet on Saturday morning and the vet said it was bad, but should recover with treatment. So we went home with oral antibiotics, antibiotic drops and antibiotic ointment.

After the eye drops and ointment.  He doesn't put up a fight during medication. And he doesn't bother the eye so there's no need to put the E collar on him
It's suspected that he had conjunctivitis (the black eyeliner period) which led him to paw at his eye which may have caused a scratched cornea and later an ulceration.  We should see significant reduction in the swelling within 2 days and possibly a full recovery in 10 days.  Till then, he'll stay at our porch (caged).

He's very well behaved, has good appetite and seem to be quite content to stay in the cage
Some purrs that he continues to cooperate and make a full recovery would be much appreciated!