Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trouble Thursday

Boomer : You're in my spot, Meow-Me
Meow-Me : Well, I got here first
Boomer : Then you leave me no choice! In 3....2......1...
Boomer : Dang it, Meow-Me. You almost ripped off my butt with those claws!
Meow-Me : I may be tubby but I'm still agile!
Boomer : That wasn't nice at all, Meow-Me!
Meow-Me : You asked for it! Now go away
Felix : HEY! What's going on? Why is Mama's ears all flat?
Felix : Are you alright, Mama? Is Boomer bugging you again?
Boomer : Great. Just great, Felix. You brought Coco too?
Felix : Leave my Mama alone, Boomer. Or you'll have to deal with me
Boomer : Drat. Foiled....again
Felix is the "peacemaker" when Boomer gets into one of his *rare moods* and will get between Boomer and whoever he's intimidating to break them up. To be fair to Boomer, he doesn't hurt anyone during these times. It's just a lot of "action" but nothing aggressive.  :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : Mommy said I am to make sure you stay in the PTU
Felix : But why?
Tutu : I don't know. I'm just doing as I'm told
Meow-Me : Do you need help getting out of the PTU, Felix?
Tutu : BACK OFF, Meow-Me! Felix has to stay put in the PTU
Meow-Me : *brat*
Tutu : Staring at me won't work, Felix. I'm not going anywhere
Felix : That's it. I've had enough of this crap. Get out of my way
Tutu : Don't make me whap you!
Tutu : I mean it, Felix! Get back in there!
We're sorry for not visiting the last few days. Mommy fell on her butt on the way down the stairs with Whisky. All she could think off was to hold on tight to Whisky (Whisky wasn't injured in any way) and hope I wasn't behind her (or I won't be here today). Since she couldn't break her fall, she ended up injuring her tail bone. Anyway, she's still a little sore but she is doing better so we'll be coming round to visit!

Oh, and Mommy leaves the PTU out for us to play in.  :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Almost Snoozy Thursday

Boomer : LOOK! I found a nice comfy spot to enjoy an afternoon snooze!
* ! *
Whisky : EXCUSE ME! What are you doing on MY bed?!
*scrambles to get up*
Boomer : What? I am? I mean, it is?
Boomer : Sorry, Whisky!
What did you say to Boomer, Whisky?
Whisky : GRRRRRrrrrrr!
Whisky : I am not lying down where Boomer was until you clean off his furs!
In our last post, we asked if you could identify to whom the clumps of fur belonged to (starting from the clump right in front of the FURminator and going clockwise)
The answer : Coco, Felix, Boomer, Tutu, Ling, Cosmo, Meow-Me
Whisky has hair rather than fur and doesn't shed so she cannot be FURminated.  :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : Do you know what Mommy did to all of us today?
Tutu : She FURminated all of us!
QUIZ : Can you guess which clump belongs to which kitty starting with the clump right in front of the Furminator and going clockwise?
Tutu : MY question is, WHY do we need to be FURminated when we have our own grooming *tool*? It even comes with spit shine!
Tutu : It is always ready to do it's job
It is very thorough and the spit shine works great!
Tutu : FURminator, THIS is what I think of you!
PS/ Actually, Tutu enjoyed the FURminating session very much
Tutu : NO I did not!
Yes you did. You sat still then rolled on all sides to make sure I didn't miss a spot
Tutu : Mommy is lying. Look my face. Would this face lie?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Headache

:: C H O M P :: 
Felix : Mama, I tried but I can still smell your headache in there
Meow-Me : OF COURSE my headache is still there! When I asked you to help get rid of it, I didn't mean for you to chomp on my head!
Meow-Me : Now not only do I have a headache, I have a sore head too!
Felix : Sorry Mama. Let me try again
Felix : How about this. Does this help? Do you feel better now?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : Mommy! There's something in my water!
Tutu : It moved!
Tutu : Excuse me, funny moving thing. You're in my water
Tutu : HEY! I'm talking to you. Don't make me smack you again!
Tutu : Helllllloooooooo!
Tutu : Mommy says you're a fish. Does that mean you're my lunch? Yum!
Tutu : Ohhhh. Fish watching has made me very hungry! 
Tutu : Now, how do I get this cover off? 
Mommy here : I like Bettas (fighting fish) so I thought I could put this little guy on my desk and enjoy him. Sadly, Tutu was very determined to eat him so I had to relocate him to the bathroom where he now swims peacefully in a much larger tank, safe from Tutu. She visits him every now and then but under very close supervision (his larger tank has no cover).

Friday, March 1, 2013

Something New, Something Won

Ling loves this little cat tree but it was getting rather wobbly and she's ripped up the bottom rope pole. So.....
I bought a new, and hopefully more durable cat tree for them to look out to the back alley. As expected, Miss Tutu was the first one to check out the tree
Followed by Cosmo
Ling wasn't quite sure what to think of this new tree
Ling : Maybe I'll feel better after I mark the tree...
Ling : That's a much higher jump than my old tree!
Ling : Ooooohhhh. The view is pretty good at this height
Cosmo : You could have jumped up to the middle platform first, you know...
Cosmo : Hmm.  I wonder if this thing can hold my weight?
Ling : Ahhhhhh. This is a much larger platform for me to lay down
Ling : Look! I can even scratch when I'm upside down!
....or while on one side of my butt...
....or even with 3 paws up!
Ling : Not bad, Mommy, not bad at all
Tutu : "Famous Cats Of The Internet". I knew it! I'm FAMOUS!
Sorry baby girl...
Tutu : WHAT?
Tutu : I can't believe they didn't have me in there! *BITE*
We won this deck of cards during a giveaway at Cat Chat with Cody and Caren. The cards are too pretty to be played with, though!  :)
Thank you so much, Cody and Caren!