Friday, July 29, 2011

What's This?

Hey!  What's this?

Is it edible?  Munch munch...

Oooi!!  Stop that!  Look at the holes in the leaves!

Hmmm.  Now what's THAT?


Pat pat pat...dig dig dig.......

Rats!  And Mummy just vacuumed the floor.  How do I pin this on Cosmo?

Mr Stray Cat Update

I am very sad to have to tell everyone I had to help Mr Stray Cat cross the bridge this morning.  During the vet evaluation, it was found that he had lost all his teeth, except for his canines, had kidney disease (his kidneys were enlarged), mange, possibly FIV / FeLV and would probably waste away in the next 3 to 6 months even if he receives treatment (kidney damage is irreversible).  In his condition, he would probably not survive the neutering procedure either.

The very difficult decision was made after a long discussion with the vet.  The vets were very gentle with him and I stroked his head and spoke to him during the procedure.  I am very upset about this whole thing because if someone had neutered their animal, this cat (and many others) won't have to suffer this fate today.

I will have to keep a close eye on Boomerang and everyone else for the next 2 weeks in case Boomer had any contact with him (that's how mange is transmitted).  Any signs of mange and I'll need to get EVERYONE treated.

Please, NEUTER your animals.  Living on the streets as a stray is very tough.  Living on the streets as an unaltered stray is even tougher.  So please, NEUTER NEUTER NEUTER.

Prayers for Mr Stray Cat to have made it safely across the bridge, prayers that Boomer and gang do not have mange and prayers that I am able to trap the other 2 intact males for neutering.  Now, I need to wash and disinfect the porch before letting Boomer out (I had to keep him indoors with Meow-Me and gang last night).

Poor Beaten Up Cat

I was feeding Boomer this evening when I found this poor chap behind me.  We have seen him before, often being beaten up by the other 2 male cats (whom I am STILL trying to capture and get neutered).  I will be sending him to the vet to be evaluated in the morning and hopefully it's all just superficial wounds and that he'll be fine after a few good meals and some medical care (which will include getting him neutered).  I got him to enter the carrier on his own with a plate of stinky goodness.

I absolutely CANNOT take in another cat, so I will need to return him to the streets once he is well so please pray that he'll be able to take better care of himself this time.  It's times like these that I truly wish I had the financial means to run a no-kill sanctuary.

For those who think it's cruel to castrate their male animals, take a look at this cat.  Do you think he is having a ball being intact?  NEUTER your animals, please!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lazy Weekend

The hot weather is relentless!  It makes us all sleepy and lazy....
I think I'll sleep here while Mummy changes the sheets on my bed


OOpsss...I'm having a little trouble falling asleep.....maybe a treat will help, Mummy?
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gardening Weekend

It's us! Cosmo and Ling

:: Mummy finally had enough of the overgrown weeds in our little garden and spent the weekend getting new grass and other stuff from the nursery and redoing the garden with Daddy!  As we aren't allowed outside, we had to snoopervise through Boomerang....

Mummy saw this doormat at the nursery and HAD to get it.  Isn't it cute?  Thing is, it's a DOORMAT but she won't let anyone step on it.  Duh.

Look what else Mummy found at the nursery!  She told Daddy she's always wanted a pair of them in the garden...

Boomer helping to arrange the stones

Hey!  You missed a spot!

"Here are more stones, Boomer"....

All done!  What do you think?

Boomer gives Whisky a tour of the newly done up garden

Hi Admiral!  What do you think of my our gardening skills?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boomer Update

Thanks everyone, for your purrs and prayers.  Boomer isn't limping anymore and didn't need a vet check either.  He has been out and about and managed to get into yet ANOTHER fight this evening, but the only thing that was hurt this time was his ego.  Silly boy.

I'm not sure if HE is the one who picks the fights (I doubt it) or gets picked on.  It's a hard life being an outside cat...I wish I could find him a good indoor home with responsible parents.

Boomer is back to his usual playful self...

The internet is pretty SLOW and I expect it to be even worst over the weekend due to some political nonsense so I might be late in visiting / commenting.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boomer Is Injured

On Wed afternoon, I heard cats fighting and when I went out to look for Boomer, he wasn't around.  10 mins later, he came home, covered in poo and sand (this is the 3rd time).  I gave him a bath and he seem alright.  He even came inside to play with Meow-Me, Coco and Felix in the evening.

Later, we went out for dinner and when we came home, I found Boomer limping.  He had somehow hurt his left hind foot.  When I tried to check the foot, he would cry out in pain and try to stop me.  After close examination, I found no external injuries so he had probably twisted or sprained his foot. The painful part seem to be very near the paw pad.  We think he either went out after eating his dinner to look for cockroaches and got confronted by an alley cat and in his bid to escape, somehow ended up injuring his back paw.  OR, some human chased or threw something at him?

He is now in his cage, resting.  He seem very very tired.  I don't know what happened exactly but I'm just so glad he's home and he doesn't seem badly injured.  Please send purrs that he'll feel much better in the morning and that the injury is nothing more than just a sprain.  Thanks!

I have an ouchie on my left hind leg...

I don't feel very good and I'm going to sleep now....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kitties With Da Bird

What happens when 2 little kitties meet Da Bird?  Check out the photos!

Coco and Felix meet Da Bird


Watch me fly!!!

Felix defies gravity

Side kick!

Back thrust!

Leaping lizard pose!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dinner Time, Cosmo!

Dinner, Cosmo!  Hurry up!

Cosmo?  Don't you want your dinner?
Whisky : Hey Mummy!  Cosmo said he's on a diet tonight so you can add his food to MY bowl