Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday with Cosmo and Boomer

Mommy here : There's a lot going on at home at the moment so we are a little scarce in commenting but we plan to be back very soon!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Tutu!

Tutu : Halo? HALO? Room service, please?
Errr. I'm actually behind you, little baby
Tutu : Well, my eyes haven't open so can you blame me?
Tutu : Waaaaaaa! I don't want scritches. I want milk!
Tutu : This isn't my milk bottle...
Tutu : Stop messing around, will you? Give me my bottle!
Tutu : Milk? Milllkkk, where are you?
* S U L K *
Tutu : The service here stinks and I'm going to give them something that REALLY stinks. Hrummppffffff
Tutu's spine fracture at the age of almost 4 months inspired the building of the CATIO BY GRANDPA. It was to allow the kitties a safe access to the "outside" to get some sun therapy which is important for bone health
Effuryone LOVES the catio!
Tutu : Milk? MILK?
Tutu : I can't believe this. 2 years on and I STILL need to "beg" for my milk
Tutu : I'm a big girl now and I don't drink from milk bottles!
Tutu : Ahhhhh. That's more like it. I love my milk!

We love you LOTS!

For those who would like to read about how Tutu came to the House of Whisppy, please click HERE and HERE

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Costume Pawty, Part 2

Have you seen Costume Pawty, Part 1? If not, please click HERE

Tutu : I am CrocoTu and this is my *son*, Lyle
CrocoTu : That's right, Lyle, crawl along now, *Mama* is right here
CrocoTu : *Mama* will protect you
Ling : What on earth?
CrocoTu : DON'T come near my *son*!
CrocoTu : There, there now Lyle. There's nothing to fear
Ling : Unbelievable. Has she forgotten she's actually a cat? She still smell like a cat
CrocoTu : I am CROCOTU and I will eat anyone who tries to mess with my *kid*!
CrocoTu : favorite spring!
CrocoTu : Uh, just scream if you need me, okay Lyle? Now, come on Spring...let's have some fun!
Boomer : Hey Tutu, you do realize you're still a cat, right?
CocoTu : I am a fearsome Crocodile! Don't make me bite you!
Boomer : Yeowwww! My PAW!
CrocoTu : You NEVER mess with a crocodile!
Boomer : Come to think of it, if SHE is in the costume, it means WE won't need to be. And THAT'S good news! So yeah, way to go, CrocoTu!
CrocoTu : A crocodile can still enjoy playing with a spring, right? Heehee
CrocoTu : You know what? I LOVE being CrocoTu!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Costume Pawty, Part 1

Tutu : Wow. How did Lyle grow this big in just a few days?
Tutu : Gracious me, Lyle's developed quite the potty mouth too!
Tutu : Hmm...Did Lyle eat Boomer coz he sure looks a lot like Boomer....
Boomer : For goodness sake, it IS me, BOOMER!
Boomer : I am a cat, for Cod's sake!
Boomer : Get this crazy costume off me!
Ling : Tsk tsk tsk. All I can say is, Thank Cod it's not me....
Ling : Why, Mommy, WHY?
Tutu : Heh heh. This sure is entertaining
Ling : Where's Cosmo when I need him?
Ling : Maybe I could back out of this ridiculous costume
*mutter mutter mutter*
Ling : This is so humiliating
Ling : I'm going to sit here and plot my revenge
What will Tutu do? You'll have to come back for Part 2!
The kitties were only in the costume for just a few minutes and were rewarded with lots of treats after the photo session.   :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday Surprise!

Boomer : This is MY Christmas gift from my Beautiful Katie. Meet Lyle the wonderful Catnip smelling crocodile!
Boomer : He makes me kick off my, uh, kick UP my paws!
Boomer : Mmmmmmmm....I could smell him all day long
Boomer? Why are you biting on the label?
Boomer : Blarrghhh...I thought it was the tail
Boomer : Thank you, Katie. I LOVE my present!
Boomer : He's so fun to toss about too!
Tutu : Good. I think Boomer's gone to the back
Tutu : Time for me to get on down and boogie-woogie with Lyle!
TUTU! Boomer's back!
Tutu : Whhhhhhaaaaa!!!?
Hahaha. Just kidding!
Tutu : I had better hurry up and enjoy Lyle before Boomer comes back
Tutu : I can't resist giving Lyle a little bitey. I'm sure Boomer won't mind. Heehee
* C H O M P *
Tutu : Thank you, Katie. We promise to take *good* care of Lyle  :)