Friday, December 28, 2012

We Have An Important Announcement!

We, the Furries of Whisppy have been interviewed by the wonderful Funny Farmer Felines for their column on Mousebreath! Yeay!

As you can imagine, getting the 8 of us to sit together for the interview was quite a task but we made it. Boomer had to sit on the recliner so he could put Tutu against his strong chest and hold on to her...TIGHT! She wanted to eat all the tidbits we had put out for the Funny Farmers!

We had a great time doing the interview and we hope you'll go over to read it and tell us how we did!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Who's Been A Good Girl This Year?

Were you a good girl this year, Whisky?
Whisky : YES!
Are you ready for your Christmas present?
Whisky : YES YES YES!
Here you go!
Whisky : YUM MEE!
*chew chew chew*
Whisky : HEY! Where did you come from?
Tutu : What are you nomming?
Tutu : Let me have a bite! Or I'll pull this towel from under your paws!
Whisky : Oh, just go away, will you?
Tutu : But it smells really nice! Just a bite. ONE small bite. Please?
* B I T E *
Whisky : You said a small bite. That was an enormous bite. You brat! Give it back!
Tutu : NO!
Tutu : I know! I'll take this back to my cage...
Tutu : Dang it. That thing's HEAVY. I think I sprained my jaw
Whisky : I can't believe you gave me a bath. On Christmas day!
But sweetie, I had to or you'll smell!
Whisky : Oh, for goodness sake. Not you again!
Tutu : But I like being near to you
Whisky : I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas that did not involve a bath!
Santa got caught in a terrible traffic jam due to the thunderstorms but it'll be Christmas all over again once he gets here!  :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is Christmas Here Yet?

Kinda crowded in there, eh kids? I hope the buckles hold up!
(L-R : Felix, Coco, Meow-Me)
Boomer : This hammock is all mine!
The picture of innocence...or is it?
Tutu : I'm feeling peckish after my nap...time for a quick snack!
Tutu : Oh darn. I didn't see her there!
*puts on innocent face*
Did it work? Snacking doesn't count as naughty, right?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Holiday Season Is Here

Tutu : What's going on out there? What's in that big box? Why are we locked in here?
Whisky : I have my lasers on high beam just in case
After much hesitation, we decided to risk putting up the Christmas tree...
Ling : Jeeez. Stop shouting already. I was just getting a closer look at the tree
Ling : You better not get up the table, Cosmo. Mommy's got the water bottle ready...
Cosmo : But that's MY table! How am I supposed to scratch on my carpet with that tree in the way?
Tutu : Oh, stop fretting. I'm not even interested in the tree
We were mighty relieved Ms Tutu didn't attempt to eat the tree. She loves to lay under the tree but doesn't mess with it
Tutu : That Christmas tree is B.O.R.I.N.G. I like toys that *move*. Heeheehee
Ling : Crap. That brat is up to something, isn't she?
Ling : Why would I be interested in that boring old tree when I have my mouse?
...that is able to provide hours of fun?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Green Green Eyes of Home And An Award

Kids? What are you staring at?
Ahhhhh.....the Green Eyed Monster has made it's appearance!
Felix : GOTCHA!
Coco : Need help, little brother?
Tutu : You're safe, Felix. I've got your back!
Meow-Me : *pats gently*
Boomer : I'm not interested in that silly green spot that you can't even feel. I'm all for the REAL stuff
*flutter flutter flutter*
Boomer : Hey you burd! Get back over here!
Boomer : You silly burd. I'll get you yet!
Meow-Me : Watch out, Boomer! You're squashing our tunnel! 
We would like to thank Colehaus Cats for awarding us the Blog of the Year 2012 award. This award allows the recipient to collect STARS! Every time someone passes the award to you, one star will get lit until all 6 stars are lit. Isn't that just cool?

We have 2 lit stars because the kitties from Feline Purrspective, gave us the award too! We can't wait to get all 6 stars lit.

We'll like our friends to get their stars lit so here goes...

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weary Wednesday

Tutu : What's up with that ridiculous title? WEARY. I'm not weary
But honey, I am...
Tutu plays I spy with the chicken in the dehydrator
Tutu : Hee hee. Do you like my artwork? I made a smiley face!
This chiffon cake was wrapped in cling wrap which I had removed and thrown into the bin. I covered the cake with a cover, only to find it smiling at me 10 minutes later. Tutu had also dug out the cling wrap, ate half of it, which reappeared the next morning
Tutu : Uggghh! Why is this bin covered!
I had to change the bin to a covered bin to keep Tutu out (and safe)
Tutu : I'll figure it out...just you wait...
Ahh...what a nice happy Panda Bear with her cub. Notice anything wrong? No? 
See it now? Tutu loves to eat greens but you would think she'll know there's a difference between REAL greens and fake ones *rolls eyes*. And yeah, those chewed off greens reappeared the next morning as well
Remember Dishy? Tutu sure loved him to bits. Literally
Tutu : That's your explanation for the WEARY title? I still don't get it...
There's never a dull moment with Tutu around. If I don't see (or hear) Tutu after about 8 minutes, I can almost bet she's up to some kind of mischief...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bernie Is Home

Last Monday morning, November 19, 2012, I gave Bernie his favorite veggies for breakfast which he was interested in, giving me hope. But watching him struggle to eat them made me realize it was indeed time. So I cuddled him and told him Daddy and I loved him dearly (Daddy was away on a business trip).

The vet was very busy that morning so we went to the back and cuddled. I had him in my arms as the vet helped Bernie hop off to the Rainbow Bridge, whole and well once again. His physical passing was very peaceful.

I brought him home and called the guy who does the cremations. He was cremated that very night and his ashes returned the next day.

Bernie is home
From L to R : Looppy, Manny, Mr Brown and Bernie (all bunnies)
When Looppy passed away in 2002, pet cremation was not yet available so her "urn" is filled with her fur  :)
We would like to thank all our furriends who left their comments on our previous post about Bernie. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers very much. We miss Bernie, especially when we see his favorite veggies and bananas...but we know he's now having a grand time at the Rainbow Bridge along with his pals. We love you, Bernie!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time To Say Goodbye

Bernie joined our family on April 29, 2008 to be Mr Brown's new companion. Mr Brown was unconsolable after his companion, Manny passed away just a week before. He barely ate and would have died of a broken heart. He was overjoyed when he saw Bernie but Bernie was terrified and hid under the cage and Curly kept him company
The next day, Mr Brown convinced Bernie that he wasn't about to eat him and that he would take good care of him. And they ended up good friends. Sadly, Mr Brown passed away on November 20, 2011
Bernie : HEY! Why did you wake me up from my nap?
Bernie : OHHHHHHH. Banana! Me likey!
Bernie : I can smell you, Tutu!
Bernie : Pffffffttttt. You're NOT getting any of MY banana!
Tutu really eats bananas
Bernie : It's time for me to join my pal, Mr Brown. Until we all meet again on the Rainbow Bridge, enjoy a banana on my behalf!
Bernie has been through one health issue after another but he has never let it get him down. He lost his sight to cataracts at just 3 years young, then he had to have his left foot amputated on May 25, 2012. In October, he started dragging his remaining hind foot and chewed off his nails (just like with his amputated foot). About a week ago, I discovered a huge hard lump next to his right eye. But we kept going because he never stopped loving his food, even on the same night his foot was amputated. He's an amazing, brave boy!

Bernie, hubby and I had a little chat and Bernie told us that when he stopped eating, that would be the sign he was ready. Meanwhile, we were to spoil him rotten and give him his favorite bananas and veggies. He stopped eating his pellets on Saturday. Sunday afternoon I gave him a veggie leaf and he only managed a bite or two. His drooling had also increased. It was time.

Monday morning (we are around 12 hours ahead of most of our friends in America), I will bring him to the vet to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge...unless a miracle happens tonight and he starts eating again! Do keep him in your thoughts and prayers for a smooth transition.