Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trouble Thursday

Felix : What's your problem?
* sniff sniff sniff *
Tutu : YOU are quite obviously the problem
Tutu : Don't come near or I'll scream!
Tutu : I'm watching you, Felix!
Felix : And I'm watching YOU too, Tutu!
Boomer : Hey you two, will you cut it out? Leave the little girl alone and sit with me, Felix
Tutu : * G L A R E *
Felix : You asked for it!
Boomer : HURRY, Meow-Me! Those two are at it again!
Meow-Me : You grab Tutu and I'll grab my son!
This scenario plays out EVERY TIME Felix and Tutu meet (even when Tutu was a baby). The situation have escalated into screaming matches but thankfully, nothing serious because I am always around to supervise when they meet.

Meow-Me, Coco and Felix live in a separate area from Cosmo, Ling, Boomer and Tutu but we do organize supervised play dates, to try to foster a better relationship between them.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : Mommy says I make the most awful faces when I eat my favorite food in the world...DURIAN! I think she's wrong. I'm just very focused on the task of devouring the durian. Scroll down and tell me what you think!

Tutu : Do you see all the yummy, creamy goodness smeared all over my lips? MMMmmmmm
Tutu : HEY. I'm not done. Bring that back and nobody gets hurt
Just look at that tongue!
:: Uuurrrrrrrrpppppppppp! ::
Tutu : Are you sure that's it?
Tutu : So Furriends, what did you think? Was Mommy right?

DURIAN is called the King of Fruits and I, Tutu, am called the QUEEN of Durians! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Merriment

Our furriend, Kjelle Bus had asked for guesses the song his Mom was thinking for a picture he posted. Our guess wasn't the winning song but she thought our guess was the funniest so she decided to give us a consolation prize! Wasn't that so cool of them? 
Tutu : Our prize arrived almost a month ago so we want to apologize to Kjelle Bus and his Mom for the delay in posting about it. Mommy put your Handsome photo on her notice board so we get to see you every day  :)
Tutu : I went straight for the spiky green ball. It's so fun to bat around!
Cosmo : My my, will you lookie at what I found hiding behind this bunny?
Cosmo : It's a little sardine! Actually, I don't like sardines, but this sardine is different
Cosmo : It's a little slippery, though!
Coco : Hey Felix! Look at this. It has your name on it
Meow-Me : YUM! What is it?
I think it says it's cheese?
Felix : Mmmmm. *I* taste really yummy. Heh heh
Coco : Yup, this is really tasty!
Want a taste of Felix, Tutu?
Tutu : ......
Cosmo : My turn, my turn!
Ling : Put nom HERE!
Tutu? Don't you want a taste of Felix?
Tutu : Felix bullies me and I don't like him or anything called Felix. *sulks*
Boomer : I'll eat it for you, Tutu!
Boomer : OMC. Am I seeing things? Is that a FLYING FISH?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tasty Tuesday...Or Not

Cosmo : What's this?
It's a raw diet. Aren't you excited? 
Cosmo : says THAT BLOODY DIET. Is that supposed to be good?
Boomer : Did someone say BLOODY DIET?
Boomer : Mmmmm....That's Bloody Good!
Ling : Yup, this is Bloody Nice!
Cosmo?? Aren't you going to give that a try?
Tutu?? What's wrong?
Felix : * sniff sniff lick sniff sniff *
Coco : can have all of that, Felix
Felix : I think MOMMY should have all of it!
Meow-Me : Sorry, but I have to.....:: RETCH ::
Cosmo : Are you done playing games, Mommy? Is that my canned food dinner?
Yes it is, come and get it!
:: GAG ::
But it has your favorite Freeze Dried Chicken sprinkled all over!
Cosmo : YOU can have it
Freeze Dried Chicken for you, Tutu?
Tutu : I'm OUTTA HERE!
I had recently transitioned all the cats (except for Tutu - sadly, she's become a kibble addict) to canned. Due to stomach sensitivity, I only get carrageenan-free, grain-free and fish-free canned food for them. Unfortunately that means only THREE options are available, and to make things even more unfortunate, 2 weeks after transitioning the cats, I find out that the one they all agree on will no longer be brought into the country. So I turn to Option 2 and guess what? They have not been able to bring in the food in the last 6 months due to new documentations required by our Veterinary Department. Option 3 isn't something the cats like.

As my intention was to actually get them to eat raw ultimately, I thought this would be a good time to give raw a try. This raw diet is made locally so sourcing shouldn't be a problem. But 2 out of 7 means it's back to the drawing board. Plus after eating the raw on the first day, Ling and Boomer decided that raw isn't something they like after all. Which is a pity because this is good raw food!

Looks like I have no choice but to revert to cooking for the cats again while I try a much slower process of getting them to accept raw. Cosmo will be my biggest challenge because the other 6 will at least eat pieces of plain raw chicken.