Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Boomer and Bernie!

April 28, 2011 was the day I gotcha'd my new home....but the humans didn't know it then. They thought they were just going to neuter and release me but I had other plans! Heh heh. Granted, I had to sacrifice my, uh, you know what, but it was worth it!

2 days after my ultimate can anyone say no to me?
I think he was probably around 8 months old then. What do you think?
Here I am with my continued efforts at wooing my Mommy. Serenading her as she cleaned the boarding room
The lady released me on May 1 but I just kept coming back which was how I got my name, Boomerang, which then became Boomer. I kept rubbing against her legs and sang to her several times a day. I would sit on the ledge as she cleaned the boarding room and sing as I watch Meow-Me, Coco and Felix play. Long story short, my plan worked and that, folks, was how I gotcha'd my Mommy!

Happy Gotcha Day, Boomer!
April 29, 2012 was Bernie's 4th Gotcha Day! He joined the family back in 2008, after Manny, Mr Brown's buddy passed away. Mr Brown was devastated and Bernie brought meaning back to Mr Brown's life and they lived happily as best buds until Mr Brown passed away on Nov 20, 2011. Today, despite being blind from cataracts, Bernie enjoys the company of his guinea pig pals, Curly and Pok.

Happy Gotcha Day, Bernie!
Everyone is invited to our dual Gotcha Day celebrations and there'll be a silvervine feast, with lots of home made treats, niptinis and banana treats as well! And LOTS and LOTS of toys to play with! Effuryone is invited!  See you at the pawty!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Holy Moly, Look Who's Here!

Do you remember me?
How about now?
Hint : I used to be really small and stayed with the Human for a few weeks
If you guessed Merlene, you got it right! She came over on Sunday with her sister for grooming. Look at how grown up she is now. The last time I saw her was back in January where she had a ball of a time with her friends.

Boomer : Hi Merlene! Do you remember me?
Merlene : Hissssss!
Poor Boomer. He was so happy to see Merlene but she couldn't remember her friends and kept hissing at them. Boomer was heartbroken.

Boomer : Hey'll never hiss at me, right? Promise we'll be best friends forever?
Felix : You BET!
I sent Merlene for her spay Monday morning and also to get her baby canines extracted (her permanent teeth are already out but the babies show no sign of falling off). I was with her during her surgery and brought her home as soon as she woke up. Her gums are slightly swollen (she had an anti-inflammatory shot) but she is otherwise doing fine..even ate some homecooked for dinner.  :) She'll go home in another day or two.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Way We Were, by Cosmo and Ling

We want to thank Kizzie for hosting "The Way We Were" on the Tabby Cat Club. We would love for you to visit our club postings and read our stories. You can read about us here :  Remembering The Way We Were, Cosmo and Ling

The Tabbies, Cosmo and Ling

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easy Sunday, The Tutu Way

I'll stretch to my maximum so Whisky can't get in her bed. Heehee
Make sure I occupy the center of the bed.... is wonderful
This is another cozy little spot...the human's lap!
Squee away!
Whaaaa? You wanna use the litter box?
Have a lovely Easy Sunday effuryone!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Boomer Goes For A Walk...Almost....

We bought a harness a few months ago to see if we could take the cats for walks. We started with Boomer, thinking he might especially enjoy the walks since he grew up on the streets (and now a completely indoor cat). I had him wear the harness indoors for sometime now and it's time to take him outdoors.

This is an adjustable "8" harness by Coastal. Very good fitting, the negative would be that if the cat doesn't cooperate and bunny kicks at the strap under the front paws, the noose around his neck would this should only be used under very close supervision
"I refuse to cooperate! Get it off me!"
See, Boomer? You get to go outside again... Isn't it nice?
Oh dear, Boomer, you better stop being so angry and getting so hot and are melting into the ground!
This was taken the night before....
And this is the next morning.....
Here he is, acting like a brat
Throwing an awful noisy tantrum
Oh Boomer...will you ever cooperate? (He has managed to get one front paw out of the harness)
Mommy here :: I have ordered a "Puppia Ritefit" harness to see if it will work better. Thank you, Kjelle Bus and Mommy for helping me with the sizing.  :)
If anyone has tips on how to get the cats to cooperate while in a harness and leash, please do share!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Tuesday Tutu-ness

How shall I get Uncle Cosmo to play with me?
Ain't I just adorable? Don't you just wanna kiss my cute little black button nose? Heh heh
Don't worry, everyone, I have the Feather Monster under control
OMC! It's trying to escape! I shall use my claws of doom on it!
DIE, Feather Monster, DIE!
Where's Tutuuuuu?
Here I am!
I love to paw bat with Ling
If you or anyone you know is interested to bring a tiny but feisty little tortie into their lives, please leave us a comment or send us an email. Tutu loves human company and gets along with other furries. Having been abandoned at birth, and hand raised by me, an indoor only home would be most suitable for her. She is currently undergoing training by my cats on "how to be a cat and proper cat manners".  LOL.