Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Madness

*licks lips*
Tutu : This silvervine powder sure is yummy, right Boomer?
Tutu : Don't move. I think there's some on your paw
While Boomer and Tutu were busy...a brofur and sisfur were getting busy too
Oh oh...somekitties have been infected**!
**Infected by the silvervine induced madness
Coco : I have this sudden urge to go crazy!
Tutu : Darn it Felix! Now you've infected me too!
Tutu : Watch out Boomer! I'm coming to infect you too!
Felix : Is there a reason why we're doing the tango?
Coco : Hush your mouth, little brofur!
Felix : Ow ow ow! Watch where you're stepping!
Coco : Yaaarrrrrrr! I've got you under my paws now!
Felix : OH NO YOU DON'T!
Boomer : Heh. I can squash you like a bug!
Tutu : You might want to think twice coz this *bug* BITES....HARD!
Boomer : Come to think of it, I am a gentlemancat. I don't squash bugs
Felix : Uh, yeah. I'm a gentlemancat too. I don't beat up my older sisfur
Boomer : Did you hear? My beautiful Ladycat, Katie Isabella is now Queen of Tennessee! Isn't she GORGEOUS?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy 13th Birthday, Whisky!

Stinky : Yo, Whisky! I heard it's your birthday today. So, Happy Birthday, furry girl. I'll bring you a roach later
Whisky : Thank you very much but I don't think Mommy would appreciate the roach. She was pretty upset when you brought a live FLYING roach to the porch a few days ago
Stinky is our TNR who visits often
Whisky : Wow! A Birthday present from everyone!
The card and wrapping paper has cats on them as the kitties contributed to the present with their allowance
Whisky : Are you done with the photos? I wanna see what's inside!
Whisky : Woo Hoo! Check out the "Little Something Just For ME"!
All her presents came from Nip and Bones and the rope toy and biscuit treats were from Baby Patches Chief Kit. Thank you so much!
Whisky : This coconut biscuit is really hard but oh, so YUMMY!
Whisky : Whaaaat? There's more? Peanut butter biscuit you say? Hand it over!
Whisky : Crunch crunch crunch
Tutu : Sniff sniff sniff...
Tutu : It sure smells...uh, wierd
Felix : Give it here if you aren't going to eat it
Tutu : How DARE you eat my treat!
Felix : But you weren't going to eat it
Tutu : So what? Daddy gave it to me!
For some strange reason, our Eat-Everything-In-Sight-Tutu doesn't seem to like beef liver. Not even the cat vitamin that is beef liver flavored
Boomer : While Whisky's eating her treats, I'll play with her rope toy. It's FUN!
Cosmo & Ling : Mmmmmm. This freeze dried beef liver is delicious!
Tutu : No Beef Liver for me. I love the Freeze Dried Chicken!
Whisky : Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Brofurs and Sisfurs. I LOVE my presents! Now, please put my presents in a safe place before the kitties eat them all

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Boomer : How goes it, Cosmo?
Boomer : Can you get the door opened? Sorry I can't help but I'm all dressed for my date
Boomer : Hurry, Cosmo! Or I'll be late for my Valentine's Date with Katie
Cosmo : I'm trying but the door won't budge!
Cosmo : Wait! I think I got it. Get into the tunnelport, Boomer
Boomer : Thanks Big Brother Cosmo! I owe you one!
Tutu : You're going to see Katie? I wanna go too!
Tutu : But I want to see Katie too!
Boomer : It's a VALENTINE'S DATE! We don't need a chaperon!
Tutu : Hrummpffff
Boomer : I'm on my way, Katie!
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, My Darling Katie Isabella!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year And We Have Special Guests!


Today is February 10, 2013 and the first day of the Chinese New Year! And this year, it is the Year of the Ssssssnake! And how wonderful that Pip and Puddles came to visit on this special day!

Our friend, Pip, hasn't been feeling very well lately, but instead of sitting around at home, he has decided to go on a Bucket World Tour with Nurse Puddles. We heard about Puddles and her amazing driving skills and were most impressed at how she managed to *drive* all the way from the Molly's place in London to Malaysia through mountains, oceans and everything else!

We're here, Furries of Whisppy!
Whisky : Uh, Puddles, be careful up there! You don't want to break the Boat of Prosperity!
Puddles : HEY. Maybe we could go home in this fishing boat?
Pip : That's not a bad idea. We could do a spot of fishing on the way!
Pip : Uh, I'm not sure if this was such a good idea after all...Mr Lion doesn't look very happy
Puddles : Will ya hurry up and take the picture? Mr Lion's getting testy!
* S M I L E *
Pip : Aren't these orchids beautiful? I wanted to bring some home for my Assistant but decided a photo would probably last longer. Oh, and that's Puddles by my side in case you were wondering. She grabbed a baby lion on the way here..
Whisky : OMD Puddles! They are on to us. Drop that baby lion and RUN!
Whisky : We enjoyed your company very much! The two red packets are called "ang pows" and they contain some money for you to use as you please. And Mommy made a fresh batch of chicken jerky for you to snack on your way home!
PS / Tutu asks if you notice anything new on our header.  ;)

PPS / Katie, Boomie is on his way to pick you up. Mommy has a yummy meal prepared for our CNY dinner! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Monkeying

Tutu : Getting a little tubby, eh Boomer?
Boomer : You watch that little mouth of yours or I'll wash it out with soap!
Boomer : Do you realize I'm twice your size and I can take you down in an instant if I choose too?
Tutu : Not if I get you first! I may be small, but I'm Tutu the nimble, Tutu the quick!
Tutu : First one who touches the other's face, wins!
Boomer : Cod. What are you trying to impersonate? A T-Rex?
Tutu : Beware the paw of doom!
Tutu : TAG! I WIN!