Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tutu Thursday and Happy Halloween

Tutu : I heard it's Halloween today and something about playing dress up and getting treats? 
Tutu : So what am I, Mommy? A walking green lollipop? How is a lollipop spooky?
Tutu : Hey! Why am I being dressed while on the floor?
Tutu : I am a Supermodel and I demand a more comfortable dressing room!
* D I V A *
Tutu : Ahhhhh. This is more like it. Heh
Tutu : Okay, I'm ready for my Halloween photoshoot!
Tutu : So what am I supposed to be now?
A cute little darling sweetheart
Tutu : But I thought I'm supposed to look spooky?
I bet you'll get a whole lot more treats wearing this than something spooky
Now you need to say, "Trick or Treat"
Tutu : You mean TREAT AND TREAT!
Tutu : And since it's still Tock-tober, here are my tocks, UNCENSORED! MOL
Tutu : I can't wait for next Halloween so I can play dress up again!
We were surprised Tutu didn't mind being dressed up (who would have thought!?). She wasn't stressed out by it which was why we proceeded with the photo session.  :)


Monday, October 28, 2013

Magic Monday

Tutu : What's a BUSA?
Tutu : Ohhhh. It's another Tunnel!
Tunnel : I'm not just "another Tunnel". I have *special powers*
Tutu : Yea....right
Tutu : Hey Boomer! This Tunnel says it has *special powers*
Boomer : Well Tunnel? Show me your *special powers*
Boomer : *tickle tickle tickle*
Tunnel : STOP THAT!
Boomer : *nibble nibble nibble*
Boomer : MOL. I like this Tunnel. It's funny!
:: THLURP ::
Whisky : I believe in your *special powers*, Tunnel. Why don't you show me?

Tunnel : Ah, a pretty, polite Lady
Tunnel : Stand still now...
Whisky : *GULP*
Tunnel : Okay, all done
Whisky : Huh? What did you do?
Tunnel : Step out and you'll see
Whisky : Okay
Whisky : I can FLY!
Tutu : OMC. The BUSA can do that?
Tunnel : What do you think of my *special powers* now, eh?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Mommy ordered this painting by Quint and it arrived a few days ago. It is one of Quint's Autumn pieces. Isn't it beautiful?
Whisky : Remember my mobility troubles due to my osteoarthritis? Mommy got impatient waiting for someone who volunteered to make the booties (it's been almost 2 months now) so she went and bought herself a sewing machine! And 218 prototypes later, she finally made a set that fit properly and does the job! She says it is still work in progress but I wanted to show them to you this Thankful Thursday!
Whisky : The booties give me such great traction and I can now run REALLY fast! Can you see how impressed Tutu is? BOL!
Whisky : I can turn quickly without slipping
Whisky : And when I stand, I'm STEADY! No more slipping or sliding. Woo hoo!
Whisky : Mommy made me lay down so I could show you how quickly and easily I'm able to get up. Ready?
Whisky : One strong push...
Whisky : And I'm UP! That took all of 1 second. Thank you, Mommy!
Mommy here : I am letting Whisky test out these booties to see if any further adjustments are necessary before using the better (and much more expensive) anti-slip material.

A special THANK YOU to Annette S for her guidance. :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : Look at him having a bath with no cares in the world. Well, he's in for a surprise!
Tutu : You were on THE OTHER chair, this chair is mine!
Boomer : In case you have forgotten, I am an AWARD WINNER while you are, well, just my sisfur
Boomer : So little *sisfur*, get off the chair. It's for VIC+ only
+Very Important Cat
Tutu : Well, ::MR VIC::, I've got news for you
Boomer : Tsk! Make it snappy!
Tutu : The Opposites Attract Award isn't just for you
Tutu : Because Buster nominated ME for the award! So, PFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT!
Please biggify to see the tongue of disrespect
Boomer : *takes deep breath* I can't believe this is happening. My VIC status...shattered!
Tutu : What's wrong, Boomer? Cat got your tongue? MOL!
I told you I'll get you back. Hah!
Guess you two will have to share the VIC chair now, eh?
Tutu : THANK YOU, Buster, for making this the best Tutu Tuesday ever!
In keeping with the rules, I will now nominate my opposites, Mancats Goro and Niko for the award!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Munchies Monday

Tutu : What do you think, Boomer? Are you able to grab that bag and run with it?
Boomer : I'm not sure if that's a good idea...
Tutu : Why not? We could have the WHOLE BAG to ourselves!
Boomer : That's why I don't think it's a good idea...your version of "ourselves" is a little skewed
Cosmo : Hey Ling! Come smell this. It's BEEF!
Ling : Beef? Oooooo. We LOVE beef! Especially since the Brat doesn't. MOL!
Whisky : You're right, Cosmo and Ling. It's Beef AND Beef Liver! Yum YUM!
Tutu : Unbelievable! I can't believe they are actually going batty over the beef. Yuck
Felix : And Turkey!
Felix : Hurry up and open the bags, Mommy!
Coco : *sniff sniff*
* G A G *
Coco : As bratty as Tutu may be, I have to agree with her on the Beef Liver. YUCK
Coco : But TURKEY....Turkey is YUM!
Meow-Me : As is Chicken!
We placed the order with Mommy and she placed it with Amazon to be shipped to Daddy when he was in America for a meeting. Then Daddy brought the treats home. His luggage was STUFFED FULL!

The purchase took a huge chunk out of our allowance but at least we saved a lot of $$$ on the shipping! Do you think it'll last us till Christmas?