Thursday, April 7, 2011

We Are BACK!


We have tried EVERYTHING to make Mummy update our blog but she kept telling us "later" as she claimed she was "busy". Yeah, right. Anyway, here are some quick updates on us since the last posting (back in December 2010!).  Now that we got Mummy back on track, we hope we can get her to STAY on track!  Wish us luck.....

Whisky looking smug after wiping her face on the sofa, much to her daddy's disgust.  Hee hee hee.

Cosmo enjoying a roll on the big pillow

Ling is still trying to capture Da Bird

Remember Meow-Me and her kittens? Well, the female kitten is now called Coco while her brother is Felix. Everyone has been vaccinated and dewormed and Meow-Me spayed. The little family is still with us while waiting to be adopted.

From L to R : Felix, Coco, Meow-Me
Mummy : I have no good reason for not updating the furries blog for so long and for that, I am truly sorry....