Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tasty Thursday

Boomer : FINALLY! We get to harvest the grass
Coco : Ewwwww. Boomer! Will you chew with your mouth closed?
Coco : Don't make me use my paw!
Boomer : I'll give you paw!
Boomer : And here's more of my WIDE OPEN MOUTH!
Coco : That's just so gross! You're disgusting!
Boomer : INCOMING!
Coco : Whhhaaaatt!?
Boomer : Look what I found! Well, I'm not too sure what it is....
Boomer : I'll take a closer look and sniff
Boomer : Oh YUCK! It's a big juicy worm!
Felix : WHAT? A big juicy worm? Come to me, wormmmm!
Silly kitties. It's just some moist soil from the grass container

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Musing

Whisky : Hello Furriends! Mommy says I am like a carpet when I lie down this way...a carpet that yelps if stepped on. BOL!
Whisky has osteoarthritis in her hips and muscle wastage in her hind legs
It's all good until it's time to get up. We notice she is most able to get up with the right motivation (read : TREATS), although there are times she can't, and ends up "swimming" in that position until we help lift up her back end
She uses her front legs to push herself up. Sometimes she ends up sliding backwards. Whisky has been going for regular acupuncture and it has helped. Now, we have started her on physiotherapy to help rebuild her hind leg muscles in a safe manner
Whisky : But once I'm up, I'm ready to chase anyone for treats, even if I sometimes slide around as I walk / run!
We ended up buying her an array of baby socks to see if the little rubber dots are able to help. The blue booties are good as they have a rubber sole, giving very good traction but are a little too big. The others fit better but have the rubbery stuff at the wrong areas. She needs them to be closer to the top part and at the sides (to help when she gets up)
After doing some reading, I read that puffy paint can mimic the non slip qualities. It took a while but we finally found 2 types of Puffy Paint!
We got to work with her older socks. It wasn't as easy to get nice uniform shapes...but that's probably because we aren't very crafty. LOL
Whisky : Chasing after my treat ball is part of my exercise routine...this is one exercise I really enjoy!
The puffy painted socks didn't seem to make much of a difference. Looks like it's back to the drawing board!
I've ordered some non-slip fabric so we'll see if that works better. Doggy boots might work better but those aren't made of "breathable" materials so might be rather uncomfortable.  If anyone has any other suggestions, please leave us a comment!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Turbo Track Thursday

Ling : I can't believe I've never played with the Turbo Track prior to this
Ling : This may be the first time I'm playing with it, but I sure am good at it!
Ling : Just look my style! I declare myself Queen of the Turbo Track!
Ling : Kiss the Queen of the Turbo Track!
Tutu : ???
Ling : I'm waitinggggggg
Tutu : !!!
* S M A C K *
Tutu : That smack ought to knock some sense into you
Tutu : For I, Tutu, am the undisputed Queen of the Turbo Track!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : This is the BEST toy yet!
Tutu : One swipe and it flies right across the room!
Tutu : What?
Tutu : No, I'm not ready to go to bed yet
Tutu : Hello, my furriends! I hope you're having fun this Tutu Tuesday
Tutu : Because I certainly am having loads of fun!
Tutu : The best toys are those that smell and taste like Mommy. MOL!
Tuturaptor vs Sockasaurus
Tutu : A good toy gives you a complete and total workout
* F L I C K *
Tutu : Don't wait up, Mommy. I'm not even close to being done with playtime

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Meow-Me : unoccupied box!
Boomer : Yoo hoooooo. We see youuuuuuuu!
Meow-Me : Jeeez. The pests are here...
Meow-Me : I'm OFF!
Tutu : About time you did! It's Tutu Tuesday so stop trying to steal the limelight
Tutu : Hee hee. The benefits of having my very own day
Tutu : What on earth? Go away, Felix!
Tutu : Don't make me bite your bum!
Felix : Hah! I dare you!
* B.I.T.E *
Felix : Ow ow owwww!
Felix : Why, you little brat! That hurt!
Tutu : Well, I took up your dare! BABY!
Boomer : This is getting interesting....
Felix : You little potty mouth!
Tutu : Felix the cry baby...nyeh nyeh nyeh
Tutu : Mommmyyyyyy! Felix is picking on me!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Torture Thursday

Tutu : !!!!!
Tutu : Good COD! WHAT is that?
Tutu : ???
Tutu : My COD! Something has eaten Cosmo's head!
Tutu : Cosmo? Cosmo? Is that you?
Tutu : Okay, his backend still smells like Cosmo....
Tutu : OH! There's Cosmo's head! 
Tutu : I better do a sniff test....
Tutu : And a whap test to see if Cosmo's head still responds. It does! YAY!
Tutu : Hey Cosmo! Wake up! Are you there?
Cosmo : What do you want, you brat!?
Tutu : Oh, just wanted to make sure you are alright....why are you wearing that shirt?
Cosmo : Just leave me alone, will ya?
It's my fault actually. I put "spot-on" on everyone. Unfortunately, I put it a little off center on Cosmo and he was determined to lick it off so I put the cone of shame to prevent him from doing so. Seeing how miserable he was, I then made him wear a tshirt until it dried. Sorry, Cosmo!