Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tutu Thursday

Remember Tuturaptor and Sockasaurus?
Tuturaptor is famished after having not eaten in 87 days 87 minutes
Tuturaptor sets her sight on the lone Sockasaurus....
And the battle begins

FINALLY! After a ferocious battle, Tuturaptor proudly brings home her kill
Tuturaptor : Sockasaurus dinner, anyone?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday, Coco and Felix!

2 weeks after I trapped Meow-Me, she gave birth to Coco and Felix on December 9, 2010
Coco and Felix were to have been adopted and Meow-Me returned to the streets after being neutered, but Ceiling Cat had other plans and so...
This year we celebrate Coco and Felix's 3rd birthday!
Felix : I thought birthday celebrations meant treats?
Coco : Yeah. WHAT is that thing?
Coco : It's coming after me!
Coco : I'm not sure what you are but I'm not sure I like this birthday "present"
Felix : Yikes! It moves on it's own!
Coco : What do you think we should do, Felix?
Felix : Oh oh...
Felix : I can't believe this. We waited a WHOLE YEAR to celebrate our birthday only to be chased around by this wierd ball with a furry thing attached
Coco : Major FAIL, Mommy!
The Birthday Twins got their birthday treats after their encounter with the scary moving ball.  :) We are a week late in posting this Birthday post but they did have lots of fun on their actual birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday, Coco and Felix!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : Hello? Who are you and why are you leaning against me?
Hi! My name is MiniTu
MiniTu : Your Daddy saw me while on a business trip and thought I looked like you so he brought me home. I'm even wearing a "T" on my necklace!
Tutu : Daddy? I think you need to get your eyes checked
Tutu : Where's your nose? Your mouth?
MiniTu : A mouth? What's so great about a mouth? What's in it?
Tutu : THIS!
Tutu : Hey! It's Da Bird! Let's have some fun, MiniTu!
MiniTu : But how?
Tutu : How? Oh. You don't have legs either, huh? Golly, and to think Daddy thinks you look like me
Tutu : Guess you'll just have to watch me have fun through those beady eyes of yours then!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mancat Monday with Boomer

Boomer : It's time for my workout!
Breathing is very important when working out. Never hold your breath!
You've got to concentrate on the muscles you're working on
It's okay if you don't have gym equipment, you can always use your body weight
And some imagination!
I'm using the apron ribbons to work my arms
Give it a good hold and pull. See how it works my arms?
Always remember to stretch after working out!
Stretching keeps you flexible!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

L to R
Felix, Coco, Meow-Me
A special request from Boomer : My darling Katie Isabella isn't feeling well so please, please send purrs and purrayers that she feels better quickly. Thank you!
Tutu developed quite a large scab on her back (at the antibiotic injection site earlier this month) so I brought her back to the vet. He confirmed it wasn't anything sinister and that Tutu would be fine. He clipped off some of her fur at the site, which is why there's a little bald spot on her back
It's been a yucky month but we are thankful to have recovered fully from the cat flu in time for Thanksgiving. And a big THANK YOU to all our furriends who purred and purrayed for our recovery. And not forgetting Mommy (and Daddy) too!

We, the Furries of Whisppy and Mommy would like to wish all our furriends in America a very Happy Thanksgiving! We'll join in the celebrations by having some freeze dried turkey!  :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Meow-Me!

This was Meow-Me when I caught her on November 20, 2010
She was HUGE!
But yet so thin and had very bad skin and fur. She gave birth to Coco and Felix 2 weeks later, battled Mastitis and it took a long time to fix her skin and fur but it was all worth it because.....
Look at her today!
This picture makes me laugh!
Meow-Me : I'm coming over, so get your hands ready for a petting session!
*scratch scratch scratch*
Meow-Me : Ahhhhhhhhhh
Meow-Me : If you whap my butt at the right spot, I start licking the floor. Tee hee
HAPPY BELATED GOTCHA DAY, Meow-Me! We love you, your cute round shape (despite whatever diet I put you on) and your raspy Marge Simpson meows!

Whisky : We won a giveaway on Twinkletoe Tails for a pack of Trading Cards from Just4MyPet. We had an emergency meeting to see who got to be on the cards and of course it was going to be ME! Silly kitties
Whisky : The cards were sent out very quickly after we placed the order and it arrived 2 weeks later (which is normal for mail coming from the US). Doesn't it look great? I sat with Mommy to choose the pictures and the design template. What do you think?
Cosmo, Ling and Tutu are back to their usual self and are spending the days hanging out together in my office while we wait for Boomer to make a full recovery (yes, the poor boy caught the bug on Nov 16) which shouldn't be long now (he's finally gotten past the worst bit).

It's been 24 days since Stinky fell ill and the kids caught the bug one after the other. I'm glad it's finally going to be over. We'll be coming over to visit so, see you guys soon! We've missed everyone!