Thursday, August 30, 2012

Smelly Socks, Anyone?

I bought this for Hubby to help him sleep. As soon as he opened the bottle, he gagged (for those who do not know what it smells like, imagine smelling the stinkiest pair of socks ever). He did eat a couple of the capsules, but it didn't work so to spare him the agony of having to swallow more capsules, I asked Katnip Lounge's Mommy if it was okay to give it to the kitties instead.  :)
It was a different story with them, though. They couldn't believe the lovely aroma that came from the bottle! Well, almost all of them
Meow-Me : I can't wait for you, Mommy. I'm going to get a capsule out now
I opened a capsule and sprinkled it on an old t-shirt
Felix : Oh head feels kinda funny
Felix : I'll bunnykick the stink out of this t-shirt
Felix : Whooops! What's going on with me?
Tutu : What's up with you? You've been acting really wierd
Felix : Help! I can't get back on my paws!
Tutu : Okay, let me help. I'll grab your paws and you try to pull yourself up, okay?
Felix : My head! My head! It's about to explode! I dare not open my eyes!
Tutu : Stick to your mousie toys, Felix. Valerian Root ain't for little boys!
Meow-Me : MY turn now!
Felix was the one most turned on by the Valerian Root. Meow-Me and Tutu as well. Coco and Boomer took one whiff and ran out to the catio. LOL!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What Do We Have On TV?

Just another day on the catio...or is it?
Tutu : Hey you guys! Did you hear that?
Coco : I sure can hear something. But what is it?
Coco : Ohhhhhh.....Squirrel TV is on!
Effuryone tuning in to Squirrel TV. Can you spot 5 kitties?
Mr Squirrel : Oh, hello there!
Thank you for this yummy mango
Hey Mommy, could you move Squirrel TV closer?
Okay folks, gotta go! Thanks again for the mango!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playing With Friends

Hi Everyone! It's me, Merlene!
Merlene and Tutu make their acquaintance
Chi Chi (Merlene's Sisfur) : What on earth?
Merlene : Hmm.....I feel something boring into my back
Merlene : *gulp*
Merlene : Yikes! Another one? What's out there? Zombieland?
Felix : Heh heh....Playing Zombie is FUN!
Tutu : Hey Pal! I INVENTED the game. Now you go away!
Felix : Oooooppsss.....lasers, OFF!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hammock Thursday

Coco and Felix enjoying some furbling hammock time
Felix : Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep
I'm not sure how long this hammock has before it goes to Hammock Heaven (this is the 5th hammock)
Felix : Your head fur looks a little messy. I'll fix that!
Felix : I love love love my sisfur!
Coco & Felix : Ugh. You're still there. Some privacy, please? And please turn off the lights when you leave

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tutu Post-Spay Update

Look at what they did to my belly! See that tape? Gosh, it's so annoying!
Boomer : Hi are you feeling today? *kiss*
Well enough to do this!
Felix : Heh heh. So I hear you had some "woman troubles"? *snicker*
Boomer : Felix, Felix, Felix....when will you learn to keep your mouth shut?
Thank you everyone for your purrs and prayers! We know that definitely helped Tutu get back to her normal self. She is only allowed to play with the adults under close supervision since Felix and Boomer like to jump on her during play.

Tutu isn't bothered by the tape now, and at least now she lets me touch her tummy so hopefully I can remove the tape in the next few days. :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tutu's Spay

As most of you know Tutu went for her spay on Wednesday, around noon. The surgery went off without a hitch and she came home the same day.

Just home from the vet
She has been eating her meals, walked around a little (under supervision), did her potty (both big and small) and even showed interest in playing (no jumping around though).

Today is Friday, just past midnight and she's still a little "off". She did not come home with pain meds nor was she given any after the spay (this is normal here).

She would lick her tummy fur (her incision is covered with a tape) but when she sees the tape, she would growl and get very angry.  I've never had any cat act this way after a spay so I'm a little concerned. Tutu has always been a little bit of a drama queen so I'm not sure what to make of it. Is she in pain or is she just being Tutu the Tortie? Help?

Would appreciate some purrs that Tutu feels better soon and back to her normal self.

Dishy keeps Tutu warm

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tortie Tuesday

I really love leafy greens
Even better if it's a young green!
How about a carrot?'s not green!
That's more like it
Think Green, EAT Green! Yeahhhhhhh!
Curly & Pok : Wheek! That's supposed to be ours!
Pok : We don't eat YOUR kibbles. So stop eating OUR greens!
Mommy here :

Tutu will be going for her spay surgery tomorrow, Wednesday (August 8th). Time sure flies - she's 6.5 months old! While I'm sure she'll do fine, we'll sure appreciate some purrs for a smooth surgery and quick recovery.  :)