Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tutu Tuesday

* Tail rub *
* Lasers on high beam *
Keep your smelly paws off MY Daddy!
* T.H.U.D *
I LOVE you, you know that?
You can even rub my belleh and not risk being mauled!
I really REALLY LOVE MY Daddy!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Freaky Friday

Cosmo :  At last! The silvervine pillow is mine...
...wipey wipey wipey I go....
Cosmo : Where are you going, pillow?
:: S T R E T C H ::
Cosmo : Ahhhhhh. I feel so happy...so very happy
* !! *
Cosmo : OMC! You creepy womancat! You scared me! How long have you been sitting there?
Cosmo : Seriously, Meow-Me. What's your problem?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nipped Out Wednesday

Tutu here : THANK YOU for coming to my Birthday Party! I had so much fun and I hope all of you did too. I am so happy I'm now officially a member of the Whisppy Family!

I want to thank Godmama Marg for the wonderful cake she had waiting for me as soon as I teleported over and to Two Two and Mahoney for showing me around! Joe and Smoke are such fun donkeys!

Boomer : This is my brand new silvervine pillow!
Hey Boomer! CATCH!
Tutu : I love silvervine too but I don't like Boomer's drool all over that pillow. Yuck. I'll just savor the smell from a slight distance
Boomer : All that silvervine has made me crazypants!
Boomer : I see you, Tutu!
And the chase is on!
Boomer and Tutu are very good pals

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tutu and Tutu's Been Adopted!

Tutu was born some time very early in the morning of January 21, 2012, discovered by a nasty human a few hours later and placed in a box and dumped at the garbage heap shortly after. Efforts to locate her mother was unsuccessful and on January 22, 2012, her rescuer brought her to me for fostering.

Tutu on January 22, 2012, after a night of crawling in the rain and calling out to her mother in vain (her rescuer put her at a porch, hoping her Mom would find her)
Tutu has a very strong will to live. Here she is after a warm, albeit messy meal
Her eyes beginning to open
In all her fuzzy glory
Meeting Uncle Boomer for the first time (Boomer is really good with babies) 
Tutu : Hello World! Are you ready for Tutu?
On May 9, 2012, there was a mild setback when Tutu suffered a fracture on her spine but with medication, supplements, cage rest and lots of purrs, woofs and purrayers from our Blogsphere furriends, she made a full recovery
Tutu isn't a lap cat proper but loves her Man
Spitty - this is a reenactment of her pineapple tart paper eating episode. And no, she didn't manage to swallow this piece. LOL
:: Tutu swallowed 3 pieces of this type of paper used to line the pineapple tarts a few days ago. I made the mistake of leaving them on the table while away for a few short minutes. Thankfully, all of them showed up the next evening ::
Tutu : Spitty, thank you for this card we received today! Did you get it because these funny looking creatures have my eyes? 
Tutu has been adopted by a wonderful and kind lady with many well cared for furbabies, thousands of miles away. Most of you probably already know her. She's Marg from Marg's Animals! Can you just imagine the havoc with Tutu and Two Two in one home? Well, we can't, so this adoption is very special where Tutu will stay on with us but will have Marg as her Godmama.  :)

We'll be having a Birthday Party / Gotcha Day Party / Adoption Day Party for Tutu all day today so please do teleport over to enjoy all the goodies! Tutu will be stirring up her special Niptutuni's for everyone...yes, even for the kittens! And there's plenty of silvervine too!

Welcome to the family, Tutu! We LOVE you so very much!

It's no longer UNCLE Boomer or the "Man". Rather, it's Big Brofurs and Big Sisfurs, Mommy and Daddy now!  :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Mystery

Tutu : This is a strange looking litter box that the humans use
:: takes a closer look ::
Tutu : Ewwww! It's filled with water!
Tutu : They stand in the water? How do they fit in here? It's a tight fit even for me!
Tutu : And how do they bury the *stuff*?
Tutu : I just don't get it...
...and it troubles me...
Tutu : Does anykitty have the answer to this mystery?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's Red, Silver, Green and SHINY?

Mice : Hello Cat. We are the Mice of Christmas Past
Ling : Huh? You mean you are ghost mice?
Ling : No Ghost Mice allowed!
Red Mouse : Repent, Cat, REPENT!
Ling : Repent? What for? Nomming you? Hahahaha!
Ling : Whoooops!
Ling : Come back here! I'm not done nomming you!
:: Oh oh ::
Ling : *gulp* Do you think I might need backup? 
Meow-Me : Hello Shiny Green Mouse! I'm Meow-Me, the mouse slayer. Are you ready to be slayed?
Tutu : A new mouse! I've gotta give it the Tutu pawshake!
Silver Mouse : *shiver*
: Silver mouse scurries off :
Boomer : That's it, Tutu. You almost got him!
Tutu : Silly mouse! No mouse can ever escape THE Tutu!
Mommy here : These 3 mice must have followed the delicious aroma of the Freeze Dried Chicken in the Christmas package and thought they were in Mousie Heaven. Little did they know what was in store for them when they arrived...

Thank you, Baby Patches Chief Kit and Salina from Nip and Bones, for getting our Christmas presents to us! We love our Neko Flies, the Freeze Dried Chicken and the Christmas Mice!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

We Were On The GOOD List!

Check out our Christmas presents!
Whisky : This freeze dried chicken is ear raising good!
Cosmo : More, please!
Ling : What do we have here?
Ling : EEEEEKKKK! It's alive!
Ling : I'll teach you to scare me like that!
....Itsy Bitsy Spider.....
...ran down Felix's back....
....down and down it went....
...to annoy the little cat....
Felix : STOP bugging me, will ya!
Boomer : Got ya!
Tutu : Haiii yaaaaaa!
Coco : Good heavens! There's no need to scream!
Coco : Ungggghhhh!
Meow-Me : Creepy crawlie, into my belleh you go!
All of us LOVE the freeze dried chicken and our Neko Flies!