Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tipsy Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : The Cat On My Head had a competition where pawticipants had to match each paw to their rightful owner and we won! Our prize package arrived today and it smelt furry nice! THANK YOU!
Tutu : Check out our prize! We were really happy with the Primo Kitties Blue Homegrown Catnip! And Mommy loves the tote bag and scarf!
Cosmo : I suddenly feel this urge to just stretch across this little bag....
Tutu : Do you think I don't know what you're up to!? Paws off MY nip!
Tutu : You know what, Cosmo? I think if you dipped your tail into the nip, it would make a furry fun toy
Tutu : NO, Cosmo, I INHALE. You can sit a little further back and watch me have fun
Tutu : *scoots around* in the nip
Have you seen a happier nipped out kitty?
Tutu : Huh?
Tutu : Why is there nip on Cosmo's butt?
Tutu : Didn't I say you could watch but not play in MY nip!?
Tutu : Oh, Lyle. Please don't move. My head is spinning....

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy Very Belated Gotcha Day, Boomer and Happy Gotcha Day, Cosmo and Ling

: Flashback to April 2011 :
Whisky : Look what I found, Mommy! Can we keep him?
Boomer's 3rd Gotcha Day was on April 28, 2014 but that was when Whisky was very ill before she earned her wings a week later. No one was in the mood to celebrate so Boomer agreed to a postponement. He did go over to Katie's home
 for dinner prepared by Katie's Mom  :)
Boomer : Mommy made this long sausage like pillow filled with silvervine powder just for ME!
Cosmo : Ahem. For US, Boomer, US
Cosmo : Speaking of which, it's MY turn now
Boomer : ?????
Boomer : OH NO you don't! It's MINE!
Ling : Jeez. Is he at it again?
Cosmo : Yup. Being an absolute brat about our pillow
Ling : Shall we make our move then?
Boomer : ♪♫ It's my GOTCHA DAY celebration todayyyyyyyyyyyy! ♪♫
Boomer : OH oh...The twins are making their move
:: P O U N C E ::
Boomer : *SHOCKED*
Boomer : Mommy! Aren't you going to call FOUL? Unbelievable!
Cosmo : MINE, now
Cosmo : This pillow is just purrfect
Ling : Silly boys! Why must they insist on playing with the same thing when there so many options available?
Ling : Well, at least I get to enjoy the silvervine powder Mommy sprinkled here in peace while the boys *fight* over that pillow
Happy 6th Gotcha Day, Cosmo and Ling! You are the ones who convinced Daddy that cats make excellent additions to the family.  :)  We can't believe it's been 6 years since that day Whisky and Mommy found you in the drain.

And a Happy Very Belated 3rd Gotcha Day, Boomer! Convincing Daddy a 6th cat was needed to make the family *complete* (then) was tricky but you did it! So so glad Whisky found you in our garden 3 years ago. :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trouble Thursday

Felix : What's your problem?
* sniff sniff sniff *
Tutu : YOU are quite obviously the problem
Tutu : Don't come near or I'll scream!
Tutu : I'm watching you, Felix!
Felix : And I'm watching YOU too, Tutu!
Boomer : Hey you two, will you cut it out? Leave the little girl alone and sit with me, Felix
Tutu : * G L A R E *
Felix : You asked for it!
Boomer : HURRY, Meow-Me! Those two are at it again!
Meow-Me : You grab Tutu and I'll grab my son!
This scenario plays out EVERY TIME Felix and Tutu meet (even when Tutu was a baby). The situation have escalated into screaming matches but thankfully, nothing serious because I am always around to supervise when they meet.

Meow-Me, Coco and Felix live in a separate area from Cosmo, Ling, Boomer and Tutu but we do organize supervised play dates, to try to foster a better relationship between them.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : Mommy says I make the most awful faces when I eat my favorite food in the world...DURIAN! I think she's wrong. I'm just very focused on the task of devouring the durian. Scroll down and tell me what you think!

Tutu : Do you see all the yummy, creamy goodness smeared all over my lips? MMMmmmmm
Tutu : HEY. I'm not done. Bring that back and nobody gets hurt
Just look at that tongue!
:: Uuurrrrrrrrpppppppppp! ::
Tutu : Are you sure that's it?
Tutu : So Furriends, what did you think? Was Mommy right?

DURIAN is called the King of Fruits and I, Tutu, am called the QUEEN of Durians! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!