Monday, February 24, 2014

Stretchy Monday

Cosmo : Class on "How To Dedded The Peacock Feather" commences now
Make sure you pay close attention, okay little furblings?
Cosmo : Remember to stretch out real long and use your paws to grab the peacock feather. Are you ready to try now? Tutu?
Cosmo : Here comes the peacock feather. Get ready, Tutu
Tutu : Ooopss
Cosmo : Stretch, Tutu, STRETCH!
Cosmo : *facepaw*
S T R E T C H upwards towards the feather, Tutu!
Cosmo : Look, you can do it this way too, just remember to stretch out your the RIGHT direction! 
Cosmo : See?
Tutu : *mumbles* He thinks he's so great. Hasn't he seen me with Sockasaurus?
Tutu : I will play the way I want to play. I don't need you to tell me what to do
Cosmo : BRAT
Tutu : I'm going to SHOOT the peacock feather with my pawgun. HAH!
Cosmo : *shakes head*
Tutu : I'll use my magical powers to cast an invisible shield around me to keep the peacock feather from getting close
Cosmo : Well, at least Boomer's got the right idea
Boomer : I'm stretching as much as I can!
Boomer : THERE! Got it!
Tutu : Look, Cosmo! I caught it too!
Cosmo : THIS is what having caught the feather looks like. BOTH paws!
Boomer : Hey Cosmo! A full stretch, straight up, BOTH paws. How's that?
Cosmo : You've got to catch the feather between your paws, silly. Not worship it!
Ling : Come here, peacock feather...
Ling : This is just too much hard work...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tunnel Thursday

COSMO! I won't do that if I were you
Cosmo : Why?
Tunnel has a bodyguard
Cosmo : Huh?
Bodyguard Tutu : NO BITING Tunnel! You have 2 seconds before I bite YOU!
Cosmo : *RUNS off*
Bodyguard Tutu on patrol
Boomer : Heh heh. I'll give Tunnel a quick bitey and get outta here before Tutu gets back
Ling : What is so interesting about Tunnel? Does it come up with interesting things like Clooney's Tunnel?
Bodyguard Tutu : Of course he does
Ling : Really? Like what?
Bodyguard Tutu : Like ME!
Bodyguard Tutu : Now that I've tucked tunnel to bed, it's time for my snack. Spring me up to the food deck, Tunnel!
* B O I N G *

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 14th Birthday, Whisky!

Tutu : Yup, looks about right 
Good. Can I cover up the dehydrator now, Miss QCC (Quality Control Cat)?
Tutu : Oh wait! This piece needs to move a little to the left...There. Done!
Many hours later....
Tutu : Ahhh....PURRFECT chicken jerky!
Tutu : Now, for the grand unveiling....
Cosmo : * sniff sniff sniff *
Tutu : HEY! It's NOT for you!
* B O X *
Cosmo : Owwww!
Tutu : Have you forgotten it's Whisky's Birthday today? Jeez!
Tutu : HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY, Whisky! I didn't forget and I made ALL these chicken jerky just for you. Do you like them?
Whisky : Ohhhh. They smell delicious!
Tutu : I'm sure you'll share them with me and only me since I'm such a good sisfur, right? Heehee
Whisky : How come I only get to eat ONE piece? Open up the box this instant!
It's because there's yet ANOTHER surprise for you, sweet girl
Whisky : OMD, can you believe this? CHICKEN PUFF just for me!
Whisky : Hurry hurry hurry and put down my bowl!
Whisky : Yum YUM!
A very HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY, Princess Whisky!
We LOVE you, sweet girl!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tutu Tuesday

Look! It's Tutu in a tutu!
Tutu : Do I look like I'm amused by this?
Tutu : Ohhhhhh! It's Mr Laser!
* zeroes in on target *
* wiggles butt *
* airplane ears *
I love how her eyes are fully dilated just before she pounces
Tutu : MOMMY! You know why Mr Laser got away? It's because of this darn tutu! It doesn't know how to flatten itself onto the ground!
Maybe you'll do better once you wear the full costume?
Tutu : What full costume?
Tutu : Noooooooo!!!!! What have you done with my ears!?
Tutu : I need to regain my strength from this shocking outrage
Tutu : I have very pretty ears. I don't need these "chilli bulb things" to replace them!
Tutu : And as for you....
Tutu : I'll rip you right off my back! Arrrrghhhhhh!
Tutu wants you to know she would much rather be a crocodile than to don a tutu. Both costumes were gifts from Twinkletoe Tails :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Lion pays his respect to the "Gold" before he offers it to the Host 
Oh wait! The *Lion* is distracted!
No, Tutu, err, LION, NO nibbling on the scroll!
Tutu : What? I'm supposed to dance in this Lion suit?
R O A R!!!!!
Pssst, are not supposed to be seen...
Tutu : Oh, okay okay, let's try this again
R O A A A A R R R R R!!!!!
Tutu : But Mommy, Lion keeps sliding off!
Tutu : Silly Lion. You've gotta keep up with my moves!
Lion : Bop my nose, will ya?
Tutu : Yikes!
Lion : I am a descendant of the ferocious Lion who defended the village from the evil Nian!
Tutu : You come down here and I'll show you ferocious!
Tutu : Stop flicking that silly scroll in my face and fight like a real Lion!
Whisky : Gong Xi Fa Chai, everyone! May the Year of the Horse bring us good health and lots of happiness!
Please click HERE to watch a video of a Lion Dance performance

Mommy here : Whisky scared us a little with some recent health challenges but we've finally sorted them out and she's feeling a lot better and on the road to a full recovery. Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers! 

We'll resume our visiting and commenting as soon as Tutu is done fighting with Lion. Hahaha!