Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : OMC! What is this thing!? Is it here to eat Mommy?
Tutu : Don't worry, Mommy! I'll protect you!
I . KEEL . YOU!!!!!
* cue music *
♪♫ Little Tutu was KUNG-FU fighting 
♪♫ Those kicks were fast as lightning ♪♫
♪♫ In fact, it was a little bit frightening ♪♫
♪♫ But she fought with expert timing ♪♫
Song : Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
Tutu : Why are you giggling, Mommy?
Tutu : Whhaaaaaatttt? How did you get in there?
Tutu : THAT'S MY cave, you evil weird creature. Get out!
Tutu : OUT!!!
:: S T R E T C H H H H H H H ::
Tutu : Will you quit hanging out at MY spots!?
Tutu : I am going to SKIN YOU ALIVE!!
* sniff sniff *
Tutu : 'scuse me? Helloo?
Tutu : Helllloo?? Did I really skin you alive? I think I did. I really did! Look, Mommy! I did it!
Mommy : You sure did, Tutu! Well done!
 ** P R O U D **
Tutu = 1
Frozen Water Bottle = 0
The weather here has been terribly hot (in excess of 100F), humid and now the haze is back. So I decided to freeze some water in a water bottle for Tutu to lay against. Well, Tutu being Tutu, had other plans for the frozen bottle.  :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tutu Tuesday

Tutu : I can't believe Mommy let Boomer drool all over this silvervine P-Low. How am I going to play with it now?
Tutu : I'll show Boomer I can still have fun with the silvervine P-Low without having to touch it!
Tutu : See? I'm having fun without touching the yucky drooled on P-low!
* G R A B *
Tutu : Oh, YUCK!
Tutu : Whew. That was close call! Mmmmmm. That sure was nice!
Tutu : Darn!  I can't stop wondering....what if? WHAT IF the silvervine P-Low DOES taste better if I sunk my teeth into it? How will I ever know?
Boomer : Yes, Tutu, it DOES taste much much nicer but you'll never know will you? Hahaha
Tutu : Drat. *sniff sniff* How bad will it be if I took a little nibble on the P-low?
* B I T E *
Where are you off too, Tutu?
Tutu : I've some unfinished business to attend to
Tutu : Look what Auntie Paula, Mom to Twinkletail Toes found while shopping! Now, that's something everyone knows, right? Heehee. Thank you for sending us the picture, Auntie Paula! It sure made MY day!
Tutu : Angel Whisky visited Nellie and her Mom in their dreams recently and they immediately made a graphic of how she looked like when she visited and sent it to Mommy. Doesn't she look so happy and beautiful with her Angel Wings? Thank you so much, Nellie and Mommy!

Mommy here : The love and support I have received from our blogging furriends at the recent passing of Whisky and Pok have really touched my heart and have been a real source of comfort. I can never thank you enough for your friendship.  :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Easy Sunday, Interrupted

Stinky : Would you believe the Lady gave me a bath after feeding me my breakfast this morning? And it involved some wierd smelling stuff and water? Something about me having fleas, she said. AS IF! But she said I was a good boy and didn't try to kill her
I found some flea dirt on my desk Saturday night and went flea hunting. I found and killed several on Tutu. Beings she has close contact with Cosmo, Ling and Boomer, it meant ALL of them needed to be treated for fleas. Meow-Me, Coco and Felix were spared as they stay in a separate area. I assumed she must have gotten it from Stinky as he likes to sit by the main door
Tutu was the first to get a bath after Stinky. I chose her because I knew she would be quiet and not raise the alarm. And yup, she was quiet and cooperative  :)
Cosmo was next. He started off quiet then the crying began, followed by some determined maneuvers to get out of the shower. Sadly for him, Mommy has had lots of practice showering cats
Tutu : Gosh Cosmo, you look awful!
Then we had Boomer. Quite some bit of crying and very determined but unsuccessful moves to escape
Tutu : What's up with you boys? You look like something the cat dragged in. Oh wait. Something Mommy dragged in. Hahaha
I kept Ling for last because I knew the racket she would make (she didn't disappoint!). The neighbors must have thought I was trying to murder her!
Every cat got busy putting their furs back in order
And while they were busy grooming themselves, I started to think about the source of the fleas. True, I had initially assumed it was Stinky, beings he's an outdoor kitty (our TNR) but it was strange that only Tutu seemed to have the most fleas. Stinky only had 3 on him
After more thought on this, I believe the fleas came from the environment, possible an unhatched egg from the odd flea Whisky brought home that escaped our frequent vacuuming. It made sense because Tutu was sleeping where Whisky used to
We have treated the areas with Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) in addition to a more thorough vacuuming of the entire house. We hope this will be the last time we ever face a flea problem in the house
Boomer : Yeah, I hope so too. This shampoo smells YUCK
And now, Easy Sunday begins...

Boomer : Go away, Mommy
Ling : I can't even look at you, Mommy
I apologized to Stinky and gave him a lovely chicken jerky treat for wrongly accusing him. I think he's forgiven me  :) 
Stinky : You can accuse me again if you like but only if I get jerky treats after!
I will be following up with the flea bath with the Spot On treatment just to be sure. The kitties have all forgiven me and all is good in the House of Whisppy once again.

We hope your Sunday was a much better one for all of you!