Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's The Weekend Again!

The week sure FLEW by and it's the weekend all over again.  The sun is shining brightly, I've just had my bath, and I'm feeling HAPPY!  Join me?

Mummy says I prance about instead of running...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boomerang Meets The Pigs

I let Boomerang into the boarding area once in a while so he can play with Meow-Me, Coco and Felix.  On this day, he finally discovered the pigs.....

WHOA!!!  Check out the size of my dinner!  *yummy*

Hmm...This one looks nice and plump and juicy....
"Come here little juicy piggy....".  Admiral My Love, you won't need those pills once you see what I got for you! (Do you see the heart shape on my muscular arm?  That's for YOU, Sweetheart!)

Unggghhh.....drat!  Missed again!

"No pigs were harmed in this photo taking session".  :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Week Is Finally Over

What a rotten week it has been and I'm glad to see the end of it.  I'll be catching up on what everyone's been up to all week over the weekend.  I MISSED EVERYONE!

Isn't it great being a cat?  Can you guess which is Meow-Me and which is Felix?  :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Let Me In....

This is what I see everytime I am at the cat boarding area...

Knock! Knock!

Let me in!
Puhleeezee let me innnn....

Honey, you know I can't let you in the house, right?
Boomer : BUT WHY NOT?  Everyone else is in there!  WHY?  WHY?  WHY????  :(
It is absolutely heartbreaking that I can't let him in the house so I try to make it up by spending as much time as I can with him out at the porch.  In the evenings, I allow Felix to come outside to play with Boomer.  Meow-Me and Coco won't play with him because he is way too rough.

Thank goodness he doesn't scratch at the mosquito nettings or the other human in the house will be very very upset.  He just sits at the ledge and serenade us with sad songs.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sniff Sniff....

HEY you guys!  Do you smell something?

Cosmo : Whaaat?  Smell what?  Food?
Ling : You and your food.  Look at your overflowing tummy!  Disgusting!

Mummy : We've had a busy week so have been slacking in the commenting department but we did keep up with what everyone's been up to...

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Why the glum faces?

Hee hee hee...

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Felix, Felix, Felix......Sigh

Ahhhh.  A big sigh of relief.  Felix greeted me this morning and demanded to be fed.  And he ate up his biscuits.  Later in the evening, I let them out to play and he was bouncing off the walls!  And he ate up his dinner as well.

Felix back to his usual playful self
After his dinner, he went to potty and I watched closely to see what he would produce.  I had a mini heart attack when I saw his poo was red!  And he was straining and straining and the red poo just kept getting longer.  So I grabbed some paper to pull at the poo and whoooopp....out it came.  And a big relief on Felix's face.  A closer inspection of the red poo finally answered all the questions.  I have pictures of what came out but I think I'll keep those to myself.  MOL. 
This is a similar string to what came out of Felix's rear end.....
Here's what I think happened.  As Felix was teething, I think he found comfort chewing on the string that I allow them to play with under supervision.  I must have missed him chewing (and swallowing!) the string last week which resulted in him vomitting and losing his appetite.  Thank goodness the string managed to pass out without any problem (although almost a week later!) and he's back to his usual self today.

Needless to say, no more playing with strings and we'll stick with scrunched up paper for now.....

Felix LOVES scrunched up paper
Aren't kittens so easy to please?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kickeroo vs Cosmo

I brought Coco for her spay this morning and Felix for a follow up.  While waiting for Coco, I walked over to the petshop and bought a Kickeroo for Cosmo and Ling.

Ling turns up her little nose on the Kickeroo

Cosmo : oohhhh....this is so soft....

Rub rub rub....

Chomp chomp....the tail tastes good too!
Kickeroo wins round 1!
Whisky : Sniff sniff....what is this Mummy?  It smells funny

Felix relaxing in the hammock after dinner.  He's doing much better and puts up a big fight when it comes to eating his medicine so I put a pill in his mouth then a blob of canned food so he has to swallow.  Messy but it works!

During the follow up, the vet said that his gums seem rather inflammed, possibly from gingivitis so she gave him another type of antibiotic and an anti-swelling to help.  So it's another 6 days (twice a day!) of struggling with him.  Ack.  He has one more loose pre-molar that has yet to fall out.

Coco was spayed earlier today and here she is resting after eating her dinner.
Anyone else like the Kickeroo?