Friday, December 30, 2011

Somefurry Has Been VERY Naughty!

As I was on the computer, I noticed Ling playing with what I thought was a litter pellet and I smiled to myself, thinking, "how cute". A while later, I went in to clean up the place and realized it was NOT...I'll let the pictures tell the story.

This was what Ling was playing with...a piece of severed cord
A search around the house revealed where the cord came from....the speakers of our recently purchased home theatre
Victim 1
Victim 2 and 3
Did you do this, Cosmo?
Nope, never seen them before
Did you, Ling?
That doesn't look like my handiwork...too messy

Closer look at some of the severed cords
After doing some CSI work on the cords and how they they were severed and the location of some of the severed cords, we realised that the culprit was actually Bernie.  He severed the cords to all 4 standing speakers AND the sub woofer AND the radio antenna.  His punishment? NO BANANAS till next year.  Naughty Bernie!
It was really funny when I told Daddy about the cords.  I think the cats could sense his fury and Cosmo ran to hide in the storeroom while Ling stayed upstairs. They only came out when we told them we know who the REAL culprit was.

We got everything fixed and the speakers are working again so all is well.  Bernie is now no longer allowed outside of the boarding room without supervision until we get proper cord protectors.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Toy Tuesday

I spy with my little eye, something furry, something long, something mousey!
Helloooo there, Mr Longapus Furrymous
You sure are nice to bat around
Ooppssie!  Drat...just out of reach...
I've got you now!
Shoot!  Come back here!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merlene Meets Her Own Kind

I wanted Merlene to mingle with her own kind so I let her out to play with Meow-Me, Coco, Felix and Boomer so she can learn cat language and manners.

Come back!  I wanna play with you!
How about you?  Will you play with me?  Please?
Let the stalking begin!
Kissy kiss
Come to Boomer!
There there now, you shouldn't have gone charging into Meow-Me's tummy.  No wonder she whapped you
Let Boomer give you a big hug
Boomer, who is usually very rambunctious, was very gentle and sweet to Merlene.  He would play with her but in such a gentle manner.  It was really heart warming to watch. Who knew?  Oh, and Boomie loves the milk that Merlene drinks and would finish whatever that's left over in the bottle (he'll open his mouth and I'll squirt it in.  He really makes me laugh!).

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Kitten?

We have a kitten in the house!  No no, it's not staying permanently...REALLY.  A cat boarding client found a kitten mewing and wandering around his gate and he waited for the mother cat to turn up but she did not so he took it before it got mashed up on the road by passing vehicles. Then he thought...oh oh.  Now what.  It was a very young kitten (3 weeks, possibly) so he called to ask if I could foster it until it could eat solids and litter box trained. And that's how Merlene ended up at our place.

Coco was very interested in Merlene (everyone else, especially Meow-Me, hisses at her.  Poor little thing)
Ain't I just cute?  I love my horse "mummy".  Heh heh
Merlene is very active and each day brings new developments.  When she first came just 4 days ago, she was still crawling unsteadily but today she is walking quite confidently and starting to pounce on her toys.  She is still on milk and needs to be stimulated to eliminate.  I hope to transition her to babycat kibbles sometime later this week and also litter box train her at around the same time. It's such a joy to watch her grow up.

Her "sister" is here for boarding and she isn't too happy with the tiny mewing kitten. But Chi Chi is a very friendly cat so we think she would accept the kitten if introductions are done correctly.  Anyone has any tips on how to make the introductions go smoothly?  Chi Chi is an almost 4 year old spayed female who has been an only child for that many years.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Run Free, My Admiral

My heart is lovely Admiral received her wings and has flown to the Rainbow Bridge
I will miss you and our cuddles and chats under the night stars.  Till we meet again....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mr Stumps and Friends

Last night Cosmo and Ling were sitting at the table top that overlooks the back alley, minding their own business, and this new male cat turns up (he started appearing about 3 weeks ago). Cosmo started to shout which got Ling all upset so she started to shout too. So I grabbed Cosmo and yelled for Hubby to grab Ling and we put them in separate rooms. And Whisky in another room. Then I got busy.

Out came the trap and the cans of stinky goodness. I set up the trap with Mr Cat watching my every move.  When I was done, I went back into the house and waited.  Mr Cat was STARVING coz it took less than 5 minutes before he was caught!  Hubby came to help me put the cat into the carrier and then I set the trap again (just for fun) and 10 minutes later, "clink" went the trap.  ANOTHER CAT! I couldn't believe my eyes so I set up the trap again.  30 minutes later, "clink, MEW" and I looked at Hubby in disbelief!  Really?  So now we had 3 strange cats in the house (but NO Mr Black - though he did turn up to sniff at the tuna but ran off when he recognised the trap.  We'll have to work out a plan to catch him with the net)...

Hey! Let me out!
This is Mr Cat aka Mr Stumps (cat #1) who has a limp. Turns out he has no toes on his left hind paw, either from an accident or in the hands of a demented human.  The injury has healed completely and there's some muscle wastage which makes the vet think the injury could be a year old
Here is another view of the toe-less paw compared to his normal paw (it looks like he's just curled his toes down, doesn't it?)
Hungry hungry Mr Stumps!  He had a good appetite but is still very woozy from the sedation so we will keep him for the night before releasing him.  He went to straight to sleep after dinner.  He is a very large cat but rather underweight at the moment
This was Cat #2.  We released him after the vet confirmed he was a castrated male. Oops...heehee.  He showed his disgust and anger by shredding the stack of newspapers I had placed in the carrier.  Sorry Mr Tabby!
Cat #3 was very friendly so we checked it out.  We think it's a spayed female and someone's pet because she's very clean and friendly.  We released her that same night
Ideally, Mr Stumps should be an indoors only cat as being a 3 legged stray can be very tough and challenging.   If anyone would like to give Mr Stumps a home, or know someone who might, please get in touch with me.  Although we'll be releasing him tomorrow, I plan to feed him so hopefully he'll trust me enough to let me get close enough to monitor his well being.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy First Birthday, Coco and Felix!

We rescued Meow-Me off the streets in November 2010 when she was heavily pregnant.  On 9 December 2010, she gave birth to 3 kittens.  Unfortunately, the first born did not survive the night.

Coco and Felix were "booked" for adoption after their vaccinations but there was no word from the lady after I told her Coco and Felix were ready to go to their new home.  I did not want to press her to take them as her sudden silence made me feel that she may not really want them and might end up dumping them (without neutering) if I insisted she took them.  They are still up for adoption (to responsible indoor only homes) but in the meantime we will continue to care and love them.

Coco and Felix at 2 days old

I can see!  I can see!

Help!  My right eye won't open!



Happy Birthday, Coco and Felix!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Pawrents Have Gone Nuts

Mummy and Daddy went out this evening and brought this wierd thing home
What is it, Mummy?
It's called a net
Oh.  What is it for?

It's meant for fish but can be used to catch little doggies like you too.  Hee hee

Lemme out!  Lemme OUT!

It can be used to catch little kitties too
Help me, Felix!!

Don't worry, big sis!  I'll get you out!

Freedom!! Thanks, little bro!
Mummy here : We bought this net to see if we can catch Mr Black with it.  Mr Black has proven to be extremely elusive and too smart for his own good.  He won't go near the trap though he would eat the tuna when placed far away from the trap. Unfortunately, there have been new intact males that have encroached into his territory and the ensuing fights have resulted in him injuring his hind leg and he is now limping.  We hope to catch him real soon and get his leg and mange treated and also have him neutered. I find that time is no longer on our side, especially with the injury to his leg so I need to resort to using a net.  I don't think it will be easy with the net either but we'll see. Wish me luck!

We tried using the net with our furries and it is very effective. Don't worry.  No furkids were harmed during our little experiment and they probably thought it was a new game.  :-)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Silvervine P-Low

This smells interesting...

My head feels very heavy all of a sudden

*bite bite chew*

*kick kick KICK!*

Ewww.  Look at the drool on this thing

Drool or no drool, I can't seem to stop myself from rubbing against it

Help!  My legs feel like jelly and I can't stand up....